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Discussion in 'CAD' started by Stephan Rose, Apr 12, 2004.

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  1. Stephan Rose

    Stephan Rose Guest

    Hey everyone,

    still alive! I have an update upcoming soon for the schematic portion
    of my EDA app. :)

    Here's a list of current editing I missing anything?

    - Objects can be Rotated, mirrored X, mirrored Y
    - Wires automatically create junctions during placement (not during
    any other action however, we found that taking this too far makes it
    too easy to make errors).
    - Parts will automatically create wires between pins when the pin
    endpoints are placed on to of the pin endpoints of another part. (See
    screenshots on website for example).
    - Wires will automatically maintain connections when moved to pins and
    other wire endpoints.
    - Parts will automatically maintain connections to wire endpoints when
    - Wires can be named

    Some other features non-editing related

    - Ability to import tango scm files
    - Ability to import p-cad files (ascii, can not currently import
    - Ability to create projects and schematics for that project (limited

    Things that are in immediate planning, but may not make it to the 1st
    update I'm gonna put online (some of this stuff may, some of it may

    - Save/Load projects
    - Save/Load native schematic files
    - Undo capability
    - Auto numbering and grouping of parts
    - Design Rule Check

    This is where things stand right now. Things are coming along nicely!

    Now I do have one question to everyone...when writing my p-cad
    importer, I ran into ports. Now, we never used these. We just name the
    wires...appears that ports essentially are just a fancier way of
    naming wires? Can anyone clarify this for me?


  2. RE: - Parts will automatically create wires between pins when the pin
    endpoints are placed on to of the pin endpoints of another part.

    Be sure to thoroughly test this feature.

    I personally know of two Schematic Capture programs out there that do not
    handle this properly.

    Where they get 'bitten' is when doing a 'Copy/Paste' of circuits using
    this - and the Auto-generated Netname... gets confused.

    This causes 'shorts', as the same netname is created across identical

    Difficult to explain via e-mail.

    As a rule, I _never_ butt schematic symbol endpoints together, for this very


    James Jackson
  3. Stephan Rose

    Stephan Rose Guest

    Thanks for the input James.

    As this can only happen during a part movement, no other action will
    trigger this, hence this wouldn't affect copy/paste actions.

    Even if this weren't so, I won't be auto generating netlist names
    until you actually tell it to do so, at which point in time all prior
    generated names are thrown away. This alone makes it impossible for an
    auto generated netname to exist twice in two seperate circuits.

    Thanks again,

  4. Stephan,

    Another question...

    Which Version of ACCEL ASCII are you supporting?

    Version 6.0 (ACCEL EDA Version 17)
    Version 5.0 (ACCEL EDA Version 16)
    Version 4.0 (ACCEL EDA Version 15)
    Version 3.0 (ACCEL EDA Version 14)
    you get the idea.

    Also, will it support the new release of P-CAD, when it comes out later this

    Regarding 'Ports' in Schematic, I believe Ports are used to make Netnames
    appear across Schematic Pages (or the same page). How do you currently
    handle this?

    Taken from the P-CAD 2002 online help...

    "Ports indicate connectivity between sub-nets of the same net. In other
    words, ports provide a visible means to connect contiguous portions of a net
    in different locations of the design without having to wire them together
    directly. Ported sub-nets may be on the same or different sheets. "

    Do you have a copy of the latest ACCEL ASCII document? This would be a good
    place to start.


    James Jackson
  5. Stephan Rose

    Stephan Rose Guest

    Judging by the file headers, 3.0
    Well, all I have is a trial copy of 2001 that I used to convert some
    files that I could get my hand on, namely sample files and libraries
    from their site.

    I can load the libraries no problem, tested like 150+ library files.
    Though I am aware of a few things that might cause some problems (some
    of the pin styles that haven't appeared in any files yet, so I can
    only guess at the token names).
    Just by giving the wire a name. Any named wire is assigned to a net by
    that name. So by doing that, you can connect nets on the same sheet by
    just giving two wires the same name, and therefore placing them and
    anything connected to them on the same net. The same applies for going
    across multiple sheets.

    If I understand it correctly and read the text below correctly, which
    is the same as the 2001 help, the ports achieve the same thing. But,
    look a bit fancier maybe.

    However, I will definitely look into implementing ports on my end as
    I wish!! I'd love to get my hands on that. Of course, the best thing
    to still have are...files to test. Particularly for this format.

    Here's how my importer currently works when it encounters things that
    it doesn't know what to do with...

    Some data either I have no use for at all and it has no real impact on
    what I'm loading (Text styles for instance). Other data, I will need
    in the future, but currently can't do anything with (pattern info in a
    symbol library for example). And then there's some things that I will
    never need and those just are due to differences how I and p-cad
    handle things.

    If any of those tokens are encountered, they and their sub-tokens are
    ignored...but don't raise an exception since they're knowingly being

    If any tokens are encountered that it does not know how to load, and
    it does not specifically know to ignore it...then, an exception is
    raised and the user is notified where it happened, what the data token
    was. If that happens, simply tell me about it and I will gladly extend
    the loader to handle the unknown data.


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