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untrasonic cleaning of color inkjet cartridges?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by nospam, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. nospam

    nospam Guest

    Any one have any experience with cleaning color inkjet cartridges
    with an ultrasonic cleaner? Cautions? Cleaner brand/models that
    have been used to success? Newsgroup replies only please. Thanks.
  2. mike

    mike Guest

    I tried cleaning HP heads with an ultrasonic cleaner.
    INK has to be soluble in the cleaning fluid. And if it's dry inside,
    May never get enough backwards thru the hole to wet the dry stuff.
    Can't say I was successful.

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  3. John Miller

    John Miller Guest

    Windex seems to work well as a cleaning solution for print heads.

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  4. I just put about 1/2 inch of water in a small pyrex dessert-sized
    dish, heat it in the microwave till it boils, wait about 10 seconds
    and then place the cartridge right side up in the hot water for about
    5 seconds so the print head gets wet, but not the main ink portion of
    the cartridge. If that doesn't clear things, I repeat it. Never had
    it fail, but I never wait until the cartridge is totally dry before I
    clean and refill. Used this on Cannon, Epson, Lexmark, and HP
    cartridges, refilled some 20+ times.

    H. R.(Bob) Hofmann
  5. paul405

    paul405 Guest

    I have never used that method however
    I have used this method with great success

    I had a couple of hp45 black carts and were blocked

    I filled the sink up with very hot water and filled a syringe
    up and put it in the hole at the bottom of the carttdridge
    and began to squeeze the water into it .
    I kept doing this until I had clean water coming out in
    little jets like a rose of a watering can
    then I shook it and left it upside down for a while then
    filled it with new black in and sealed it
    it worked a treat for me ..

    ( however you need a syringe that fits into the opening tightly
    to make a water tight fit , , and be careful as if you put too much
    pressure into the cartridge you may blow off the head )
    let it dry before installing it .

    my friend used this method for his Epson cartridge and again that worked
    for him ....

    haven't really had much luck at servicing a colour hp cartridge .
    due to the sponge .

    Some suggested IPA will soften and dissolve dried ink which I know is true
    but I don't know if it would break it down small enough to pass thorough the
    with out blocking it .

    hope the info helps

    de Paul

    de Paul
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