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Unmatched parameter

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Wong, Jul 20, 2004.

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  1. Wong

    Wong Guest

    I have a set of charger and rechargeable batteries. All parameters
    are match except the mAH. The rating of the battery is 1800mAH while
    the charger only 1600mAH. Does this matter ? What does this mean ?
    Thanks for the answer.
  2. mAH is milliamps times hours. An 1800 mAH cell will drive a constant
    current load 18/16=112.5% as long as a 1600 mAH cell before it runs
    down. For instance, if your load draws 100 milliamps, the 1600 mAH
    cell will drive it for 1600/100=16 hours, while the 1800 mAH cell will
    drive it for 18 hours.

    It might be possible to charge the 1800 mAH cells 12.5% faster, but it
    certainly will do no harm to charge them at a lower rate that is safe
    for a 1600 mAH hour cell. It will just take 12.5% longer to finish.
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