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Unknown Socket 7 Motherboard, Catch 22

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Was given a previously working Mobo to replace my bad Compaq one. They
    are the same form factor so it is a drop in.

    Am posting this because the Mobo docs were lost. Am trying to
    determine what the start connectors are because while the front panel
    connector is printed on the board (2 rows of 12 pins with 3 missing
    pins) there is no list of start and other functions.

    The Mobo has an Award BIOS so was told that can use it to trace the Mfr
    and other info. On the bottom ISA connector is a label with Award 1998
    PCI/PNP586 146680663 and another label with S/N:M990113475. The upper
    left area has FI (in a squashed circle) 4-V-0 and 0299 (in rectangle).

    Used Wimsbios but my Award
    numbers do not match the format.

    The Catch 22 is that the correct Award numbers come from the BIOS
    screen "The AMI or Award BIOS id appears at the bottom of your screen
    after power on, during memory count up. The PAUSE key should work at
    that point, allowing you to write down the BIOS number, the BIOS date,
    and the version. You must copy it exactly." which I am unable until
    determine the start connectors.

    Would be Very Interested in any suggestions.


  2. Gerard Bok

    Gerard Bok Guest

    WRONG :)

    One of them being Compaq (or Dell :) should raise serious
    suspicion on being 'drop in replacable'.
    If the new board is a 'standard' board, use a standard PSU to
    fire it.
    Then you can watch the bios screen and/or run identification
  3. Guest

    Gerard Bok
    Forgot to mention that the Compaq PSU was also nonworking. The
    complete story is "Bad PC PowerSupply or MotherBoard?"

    I now have a new standard PSU but as previously mentioned do not know
    which of the front panel pins are the start ones so would like to track
    down the documenation for this unknown Mobo.

    Am not too anxious to just start shorting the front panel pins!

  4. Guest

    Missed this mistake before posting and do not know how to edit it. "
    The upper
    Should be The Back upper left area.......

    Again would be Very Interested in any suggestions.


  5. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Can you upload somewhere a photograph of it?
  6. Guest

    Adrian C
    Sure, any suggestions?

  7. Ryan Weihl

    Ryan Weihl Guest

    if you are talking about a compaq product this may be helpful
    there is more "compaq" info in that site

  8. Guest

    Adrian C
    A friend mentioned imageshack so will try. I have unloaded images of
    the component side
    and the back upper left.

  9. Guest

    The images links work but do not show in the forum post as small
    thumbnails of the larger images at imageshack.

    You can tell this is my 1st time trying this.

    As usual any suggestions for making these thumbnail images appear in
    the forum so everyone knows what they are clicking on is appreciated.

  10. Guest

    Ryan Weihl

    Thanks for the links!!

    This unknown Mobo does not seem to have the same front panel connector
    because it is 2 rows of 12 pins with 3 missing.

    I was able to upload 2 photos to imageshack.

    Major features of the Mobo are:

    Ali Chipset (M1541 and M1543)

    ESS Audio Drive (ES1869FC M468)

    Socket 7 (CPU is AMD)

    Memory is 2 DIMM slots

    AGP slot

    2 PCI slots

    2 ISA slots

    Std 2 ISA and Floppy connectors

    has made in Taiwan above the Socket 7

  11. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    With power removed, use a multimeter to determine which pins are
    grounds. Then with standby power present, determine which pin has
    +5VSB. The two should be adjacent to each other.
    FIC ???

    - Franc Zabkar
  12. Guest

    Please provide more details because what you listed could apply to many
    SS7 motherboards. The model number may be printed around the
    periphery, between the PCI or ISA sockets, or even on the bottom. may have more info.
  13. Guest

    Most forums won't show binaries. It's safer to simply link to the
    full-size photo.
    Here's a link to a photo I posted at Imageshack:

    After I uploaded it I clicked on it to display it full size and then I
    on 'properties' and copied and pasted the resulting URL into the post.
  14. Guest

    Avoid typing the same text again and again
    Stop wasting your time on mouse movements
    Open favorite web pages with a single hotkey press
    Record keystrokes and play them back with a single hotkey press
  15. Jed

    Jed Guest

    uttered with a toothy grin in
  16. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Looks cheap chinese to me ;-)

    Ken, try and post up larger shots at Imageshack! I want to be able to
    read writing on both complete sides of the board! Take the pictures
    outside without flash!

    It's not only what's on the writing & chips - believe it or not,
    placement is important. For instance a whole series of PC Chips
    Motherboard (which I have a suspicion this may be one), top right corner
    on the back has the board version number. I can't make much out of the
    numbers quoted on the back.

    Also, are there any labels stuck on the sides of the slot sockets? Barcodes?

    Or, try this...

    Plug the thing together,
    Remove / cut the green from the ATX connector and short it to black.
    This will start the supply, boot your motherboard and allow you to read
    the BIOS screen.

  17. wrote:

    You can report it with full headers to:


  18. Guest

    Franc Zabkar
    Thanks for the Excellent Tip!!! I did as you instructed, found the
    grounds 1st and then checked for +5V. When I found it the PC started.
    Maybe I have never seen their Logo. Will check it out.

  19. Mark Fortune

    Mark Fortune Guest

    just short out the front panel pins with a screwdriver. never in 8 years
    of IT has this ever caused any damage for me, and the reasoning behind
    it is that out of the FP connections, the speaker, power led, reset
    switch, green led, hard disk led have no voltage across them whilst the
    machine is switched off. the one remaining pin pair - the power switch
    does have a small voltage across it, but not enough to cause a damaging
    current to flow back into the other pins if shorted.

    The other way to power on the machine, is to use a paper clip or some
    other low-tech solution to short the green and black wires from the
    power supply to the motherboard. although this doesnt always work, but
    again its never caused any damage for me.
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