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universal remote controller

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by dave, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. dave

    dave Guest

    I was wondering if anyone had a schematic to creating a universal
    remote controller for your TV, VCR, etc...
    I was also wondering if you had the pic program design.
  2. The main work is not the hardware or the schematics,
    it is the software in the PIC.

  3. dave

    dave Guest

    that is true but finding out the codes for the different types of
    televisions it the main information I need. The other parts would be
    nice so I know what parts i would need and what other people used.
    I know that the newer universal remotes utilize those round "blob"
    chips. I was very intrested in the pic design and I also want to
    figure out how much current it will need etc...
  4. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    Just buy one for $9.99

    Some one else already did all the hard work.

  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Many years ago, I worked for one of the first outfits with a successful
    URC ("Universal Electronics"), and there was a guy whose full-time job
    was to sit there and capture codes from various brands of remotes from
    all over the world.

    Another way to approach this would be to go to the various manufacturers
    and see if they'd release their codes.

    Good Luck!
  6. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    Search for RC-5

    Bob Monsen

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    or music, of primary originality, whose historical decisions defy complete
    objective rationalization.
    - Hermann Weyl in 1944
  7. tomw

    tomw Guest

    Have a look at the lirc project. I built one and it works very well.
    There are drivers for nearly every remote that you could ever imagine
    on the site.
  8. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    A couple of years ago I get interested in IR remote controls; I built a
    PIC project that used a TSOP1140 (which I had gotten surplus) to receive
    remote control signals, and interpret the data stream using a pic. It was
    able to do silly things like dimming lamps and turning on fans using a
    standard remote control.

    Bob Monsen

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  9. dave

    dave Guest

    wow that is so smart!
    did you come up with that all by yourself.
    Oh, wait. where was this posted at? Which newsgroup?
    If you don't have anything to contribute? Please do not post.
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