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Universal Motor Control

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by ACIT, Apr 9, 2004.

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  1. ACIT

    ACIT Guest


    I have a 110v 5amp universal drill motor. I wish to design a motor
    controller which will allow speed and direction control, and interface at
    TTL to a PIC uC. I can run the motors in AC or DC. The motor is a series
    or universal type which requires the polarity to be switched at the coils in
    order to change direction. There are 4 wires going to the motor, 2 for the
    stator and 2 for the rotor coils. Shorting either side of the coils will
    change the motor's direction.

    I have looked at solid state relays to switch coil
    polarities, but it would required 6 relays for each motor. ( running on DC
    and PWM the relay ) I also have looked at using igbt/mosfet combo, but I
    would still need to find a way to change polarity at the coils...

    Can anyone point me to any designs/schematics/appnotes available
    somwhere on the web to accomplish this?

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