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Universal Hard Disk Drive problem discovered

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by martin griffith, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Guy Macon

    Guy Macon Guest

    My PC will catch fire if I run it without the cover.
    (Compaq 5500R with quad processors).
  2. Guy Macon

    Guy Macon Guest

    In the US, the term "Gaffer's Tape" refers only to real Gaffer's
    Tape, never to Duct Tape, and the term is is used primarily in
    the TV and film industry.

    Duct Tape has a smooth, usually gray, plastic surface. Gaffer's
    Tape has a cloth, usually black cloth surface. The adhesive used
    on Gaffer's tape will not pull paint off of a wall or leave behind
    any adhesive residue. Duct Tape will. There is a variation on
    Gaffers tape with low temperature adhesive designed to seal film
    cans which are stored under refrigeration.

    My favorite uses for gaffer's tape:

    Cover the red light on the camera so an actor who plays to the camera
    doesn't know which one is live.

    Taping down actress's assets so they don't bounce so much (Used on
    Carrie Fisher for Star Wars).

    Custom colored version designed in such a way that it matches the
    carpet perfectly (is invisible) to the camera but is easily seen
    by the actor who needs to hit his mark.

    Fixing light leaks of various kinds.

    Covering that huge annoying brand name painted on the back of a
  3. My favorite film/TV supply item is called "snot tape". It's
    essentially adhesive tape without the tape- just adhesive and backing.

    That and "Reel Blood", which comes in several variations (old,
    oxygenated, etc.)

    Seems a touch pricey at $130 US/gallon, but probably few movies
    outside of the slasher genre need that much fake blood. ;-)

    You can also buy aerosol armpit stains and grass stains.

    It's fun having a movie industry in town.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  4. Duct tape is a combination of a wide mesh of threads and a touggh
    plastic foil. It comes in either silver or black with a shiny
    surface, it's hard to get off stuff without glue residue, and it
    stinks. Gaffer tape is more cloth-like, can easily be torn off if
    you do it right, leaves no residue, comes in a variety of colors,
    doesn't stink, and costs about four times as much as duct tape.
    If a gaffer were using duct instead of gaffer tape it'd be his
    last job with that particular DP.

  5. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    I'd say that UK gaffer tape is indeed the same as your duct tape. We
    don't have anything called 'duct tape' here. Maybe that's 'cos we don't
    fix any 'ducts' that way ? ;-)

    I'd also guess that US gaffer's tape is what we'd call camera tape here.

  6. I still remember my old days as a step by step telephony equipment
    maintainer. You stand talking to a visitor, and suddenly, you stop,
    walk clear across an entire room of noisy switches and equipment, and
    busy out the bad switch (one out of several thousand in the room.) You
    just heard it...

  7. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    No question about it. US and UK usage are different.

    Most UK gaffer tape is indeed silver or black too but I used to get mine from a
    market stall that undercut the normal list price quite seriously. It was convenient
    too as I all I had to do was go to the market on a Saturday which I usually did

    They had various colours from time to time. For some reason yellow and blue stick
    in my mind.

    Depends what you're trying to do !

    I once stuck an audio multicore to a wall quite successfully with 'our' gaffer
    tape. Shame about the paint though. ;-)

  8. colin

    colin Guest

    me too xept i use a couple of lengths of pipe insulator
    slit down the length, then pushed over the sides
    then they just rest on the botom of the case,
    stops any vibration trasmiting through to the case at least

    Colin =^.^=
  9. Colin Dawson

    Colin Dawson Guest

    Total number of screws holding my entire PC together = Zero!

    Screws are too much like hard work, in fact, so is the case, you don't need
    one. Just shove everything on a workbench, just make sure that there's no
    metal lying about. I don't even have any heat problems either.
  10. The local film industry uses a mixture of chocolate topping and a
    food dye called "Pillarbox red". We've made it for kids parties,
    along with fake flesh - cornflour (IIRC) dough coloured with
    instant coffee - and a few other things for making fake wounds.
    You press on the dough, then cut a big slash through it and colour
    with the "blood", which runs then glazes to look exactly like real
    blood. Even an amateur can make wounds that would make a passer-by
    throw up - the kids loved it!


    Oh, I believe that "real" duct tape is metal foil, the grey/silver
    plastic tape is just made to look like it.
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