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Uniden Bearcat 100 Ch. Scanner Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Fairly old unit. Has 100 channels, search specific range, and weather

    I get NO signals when scanning weather channels. I do get "white noise"
    audio when I back the squelch off, but it doesn't seem to pick up any
    carriers anywhere.

    Is this worth trying to fix? Or, if somebody would like to have it to
    tinker and fix for themselves, I have the charger, genuine simulated
    leather case :), and a manual. You pay shipping and it's yours.
  2. I get NO signals when scanning weather channels. I do get
    Given that you have noise but no signal, it sounds as if the RF stage is
  3. msg

    msg Guest

    I'd be interested in attempting a repair; which Bearcat model is it?

    Please also e-mail me at: msg _at_ cybertheque _dot_ org.


  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Are you listening at the right times and on the right frequencies? I guess
    that you must be listening for the polar orbiters on it on 137 megs ? At the
    moment, only NOAA's 15,17 and 18 are active ( 137.5, 137.62, 137.1 MHz ).
    NOAA 12 ( 137.5 MHz also ) has been off the air for several weeks because of
    transmission conflict. If you are using just the Bearcat's own antenna, the
    longest pass that you are going to hear is only about 15 minutes, and there
    will only be two that long per satellite, each day - one northbound, and one
    south - so you need to be listening at the right times. There is plenty of
    free predictor software out there. Go to David Taylor's site and pick up a
    copy of WxTrack. You could also Google "Wxtoimg". This is a free satellite
    decoder software that uses the PC soundcard. It is capable of updating its
    Kepler list from the American Celestrak site, and then if you just leave it
    running, it will tell you at the bottom of the screen which satellite it is
    next expecting to 'hear' from, and at what time.

    One final point. I don't know if you have ever actually received and decoded
    any pictures from these sats using this receiver, but if not, when you do,
    you might find the results a little disappointing. The reason for this is
    that the bandwidth of the IF filters in a scanner are too narrow on the
    standard "narrow" setting, and too wide on the broadcast "wide" setting
    intended for commercial FM radio reception. If you are intending having a go
    at this seriously, you could do a lot worse than look for a second hand RX2
    receiver, or even treat yourself to a new one - they're not expensive.

    For much more help and info, go to

  5. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Weather channels meant to me (if the op is in the us) 162.400 - .550.
  6. Guest


  7. Guest

    Thanks to all for your replies.

    Michael: check your E-mail.

  8. Guest

    Also sent by E-mail: Model # BC100XLT.
  9. msg

    msg Guest

    Thanks again! I replied to your email on Sunday morning; please let
    me know here in the N.G. if you didn't get it.


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