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Uneven pulses

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Danny, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. Danny

    Danny Guest


    is it possible to make a pulser circuit that wil provide a pulse as

    On for 4 units
    Off for 2 units
    On for 1 units
    Off for 1 units

    Where 1 unit will be in the order of 1/2 seconds

  2. Gareth

    Gareth Guest


    One way would be to get an 8 bit shift register, connect the output to
    the serial input and load it with 11110010 at the start, then clock it
    every 1/2 second.

    Another way would be to use a microcontroller such as PIC, AVR or MSP430
    and program it to generate the required pattern. It wouldn't take you
    long to learn enough to write such a simple program, and what you learn
    could be a good starting point for more complex projects.


  3. Clock a CD4017 decade counter at 1/2 second intervals. Wire the 4, 5,
    and 7 outputs through a NOR gate or even diode them together and follow
    that with an inverter. That is your output. Wire the 8 output to the reset


    Chip Shults
  4. ChronoFish

    ChronoFish Guest

    As a newbie to the electronics world I would agree with Gareth. The PIC takes a little investment in time and money (about $75-$100
    for your first project, $1.25 for every project there after). Once you get going you'll be able to program a PIC to produce any
    clock pulse you want. Some of the processors require no external components, and they all have multiple outputs. I've just
    recently programmed several pics to be clocks. The first one has 4 outputs:

    pin 1 0101010101010101
    pin 2 0011001100110011
    pin 3 0000111100001111
    pin 4 0000000011111111

    And the second one sends out


    where each "1" is actually 101010101010101 and each "0" is 000000000000000.

  5. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

    Take a gock at the piclist delay code generator...


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