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Underwater electrics?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by raid517, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. raid517

    raid517 Guest

    Hi I am considering a project to design a very simple underwater power
    tool type device. The project is essentially very simple - and
    consists of nothing much more than a basic electric motor, a
    rechargeable battery and a gearing mechanism.

    The problem is I'm not sure how I can make the recharging mechanism
    for this work?

    I mean, is there any way to come up with a recharging mechanism which
    would not be affected by water? The power tool must be capable of
    being quickly recharged, so that as soon as one takes it out of the
    water you would need to begin recharging it pretty much immediately.
    This needs to be very fast and easy to do - but at the moment I'm
    finding it hard to imagine a mechanism which would not cause the
    recharging points on the device to be shorted out if the device was
    placed on the charger while wet.

    The device would consume quite a lot of energy - probably equivalent
    to a 12V power drill. (Although this project is not an attempt to
    design an underwater power drill).

    Has anyone here got any insight on this? Or perhaps you are interested
    in helping out in order to help me build/market this device...?

    Any input is welcome...

    Kind regards,

  2. The Al Bundy

    The Al Bundy Guest

    Maybe you can use the principle of a electric toothbrush? Charging works
    like a transformer, but then the primary is the base station and the
    secondary is inside the toothbrush. The only thing you have to do is to
    scale it to the right power that you need for charging.

  3. raid517

    raid517 Guest

    Ok, I'll look at that thanks.... I don't own an electric toothbrush,
    so are you saying that it has a mechanism that is unaffected by

    Would it even be possible to scale it up to anything approaching the
    12v of (for example) an electric drill?

    Any mechanism like this would be interesting to me.

  4. Perhaps you could use some sort of dynamo to transfer the power from a
    motor to a recharge circuit. That way the only connection would be
    mechanical. If the device already uses a motor it could use the same
    one as a generator.
  5. Guest

    and every thing else

    Ok are you designing this Commercial Dive industry? If so you don't
    need a battery. Most dive umbilical's communication systems have
    extra wires that aren't used. Back up wires. Also you could power it
    using a battery charger. When I used desco pot(hardhat) we would just
    power are lights using this simple method. Now that I am a electrical
    engineer what was I thinking.

    For power tools I love air or hydraulic. They work just as good
    underwater as they do top side. And a heavy jack hammer will give you
    a great massage. The best you ever had.

    If its for scuba then you would have to design a container to keep the
    water out. If you want a real simple one go by pvc pipe 3inch and two
    end caps and some epoxy and buy a Black and Decker 8-18volt cordless
    drill batteries pack and have fun. You may want a pressure relief
    valve but you will drill holes for wires and this will be its weak
    point incase batteries release a lot of gas. Or you could install the
    valve using a drill and tap.

    Once your idea works then you can design a real pressure housing.
  6. gothika

    gothika Guest

    If the app is low voltage you can have external posts on the casing.
    I use stainless steel bolts with steel washers with silicone
    washers/bushing. You can even seal them with silicone rubber sleeves
    hermetically sealed onto the power cables.
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