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Understanding The Technical Market Indicators

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by million dollar, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. A great useful resource of technical analysis knowledge!
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    Understanding The Technical Market Indicators.
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    Table of Content:

    Advance-Decline Indicators

    * Advance-Decline Line
    * Advance-Decline Ratio
    * Upside-Downside Volume Ratio
    * Upside-Downside Volume Line
    * Upside-Downside Volume Net Difference
    * Advance-Decline Net Difference
    * Global Futures Advance-Decline Index
    * Global Futures Upside-Downside Volume Index

    Market Indicators

    * High-Low Differential Index
    * High-Low Ratio
    * Global Futures High-Low Index
    * Global Futures Bottom Indicator
    * Cycles
    * Large Block Trades
    * Short Term Trading Index (ARMS Index or TRIN)
    * Trend Indicator
    * CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)
    * Index Options Put/Call Ratio
    * Put/Call Ratio
    * Global Futures Put/Volume Ratio
    * Smart Money Flow Index
    * Global Futures Timing Indicator
    * Global Futures Market Timer Index
    * Global Futures Fear Indicator
    * Wall Street Courier Index
    * Global Futures Trading Index
    * Global Futures Speculation Index
    * Program Trading
    * Calendar Spread
    * Odd-Lot Differential Index

    Short Sales Statistics

    * The NYSE Short Interest Ratio
    * Odd-Lot Short Sales Ratio
    * Floor Traders Short Sales Ratio
    * Specialist Short Sales Ratio
    * NYSE Member Short Sales Ratio
    * Public Short Sales Ratio
    * Odd-Lot Balance Index
    * Odd-Lot/Floor Trader Short Sales Ratio
    * Global Futures Odd-Lot/Specialist Short Sales Ratio
    * Global Futures Public/Member Short Sales Ratio
    * Public/Specialists Short Sales Ratio
    * Global Futures NYSE Member Trading Indicator

    Sentiment Indicators

    * Investor Sentiment
    * Commitments of Traders Report


    * Dow Jones Industrial
    * S&P 500
    * Risk Statement

    The E-book will be sent to your email shortly after payment processing.
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