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understanding the bubblejet circuitry

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by species8350, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. species8350

    species8350 Guest

    I'd like to understand the circuitry on the chip inside the Canon BC-02
    cartridge. I can't find any information on the Web, can someone point
    me towards a website which discusses such matters.

  2. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    Probably not, since Canon and the other outfits that put out cartridges
    don't want you or anyone else to know how they work - If you did, you
    would't have to pay their exortionate prices for a new cartridge - You'd
    just refill/reset your own for a 10th of the price.

    In other words, good luck finding anything out about these chips without
    doing your own tinkering to learn it. Anything you get from "official"
    sources is VERY likely to be either flat-out bogus, or deliberately
    flawed, since giving away the "secrets" of one of their prime cash cows
    isn't likley to be something they're willing to do.
  3. species8350

    species8350 Guest

    Thanks for responding.

    Have you come across anything on the web that discusses how an inkjet
    cartridge interprets signals from the computer to produce output
  4. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    I'd like to understand the circuitryPerhaps you could contact these folks:
    There's nothing to stop you on Canon cartridges
    and OBTW, Chip Resetters are commonly available
    (for those brands that DO "chip" theirs).
    Canon cartridges are NOT "chipped".
    (Can't find a better citation right off.)

    In fact, Canon's is the best corporate policy on cartridges.
    Why anyone would piss away good money
    on a bottom-of-the-line inkjet (even Canon's)
    when Canon Photo series printers are available I'll never know.[1]

    The **Canon Photo series** has the best concept for ink:
    a seperately-replaceable reservoir for each color.
    [1]Yeah, I know. Most folks are clueless on printers and consumables.
  5. species8350

    species8350 Guest

    Thanks for the links

    [1] Perhaps some people don't need any more than a simple inkjet

    Some people may be clueless, but to say that most are needs some
    empirical evidence.
  6. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Perhaps some people don't need any more than a simple inkjet...
    ::Most folks are clueless on printers and consumables.
    Will market data do?

    The vast majority of folks
    buy the printer with the lowest initial cost they can find.

    They then end up paying (way too much) for a new multi-color cartridge
    when their blue is at 3% (not even zero yet, and it quits)
    and the red and yellow are still at over 30%.

    Printers with multi-color cartridge are a scam to sell consumables
    and folks who buy them are unsophisticated consumers.

    OTOH, a Canon Photo Series' initial cost is returned in short order.
  7. species8350

    species8350 Guest

    I don't know.

    I can't verify any of the above?

    Regarding market data. I don't know how it was collected, how honest
    the respondents were, whether they understood the questions, whether
    the questions meant the same to each responder, whether the samples
    were representative of the printer buying population, how good the
    studies were and the methods of analysis, or anything else.
  8. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Boy, ain't that the truth. I got a BJ-230 (11" carriage, black only) off
    e-bay for $30.00. The cartridges are about $25.00 apiece. I also have
    a BJC-210, but haven't bought a color cartridge in years, I do so little
    color printing. The BJC-210 was $99.00 on special at the store - at
    the time, $99.00 was a very very good price for a color inkjet. But hey,
    after 10 years, it still works!

  9. YD

    YD Guest

    Yeah, I have a BJ-200ex, at least 10 years old and still going strong.
    It uses BC-02 cartridges, cheap, good volume, and most important of
    all, very easy to refill at home. I can get 5 or 6 refills out of it
    before the nozzles get so worn the print gets splotchy. The too large
    nozzles waste ink too.

    When the Lexmark Z25 I use for color prints runs dry I'll throw it out
    and get something cheaper in up-keep, a new cartridge set is over half
    the purchase price. ATM I have my eye on the Epson C-65.

    Last week I got real lucky. A friend of mine handed me a non-working
    LaserJet III as he already has a newer model and wouldn't bother
    sending the boat-anchor for repair. I got the scanned 400+ page
    service manual off some russian site and determined the problem was in
    the fuser unit. Turns out it uses the same engine as the Lasermaster I
    bought for junk some time ago, it needs an external interface card
    that's gone missing so I couldn't do much with it. Swapping the fuser
    fixed the error messages, then spent a couple of hours cleaning it up,
    it had toner spilled all over the insides. Still prints with some
    faint smudging but some further cleaning and tweaking should fix that.
    Will be real handy now that my wife's college work (psychology) picks
    up speed and she'll be doing ever more write-ups. The ~$5 for the
    Lasermaster were really worth it.

    - YD.
  10. species8350

    species8350 Guest

    It's great to see people using their initiative and saving money on
    equipment they don't need..

    Best wiahes

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