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Uncompressed Digital Video vs. Uncompressed Digital Audio

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Radium, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest


    Why is it that uncompressed digital video can have so many format
    [such and RGB as well as linear PCM] but uncompressed digital audio
    can only have one format -- PCM??


  2. First of all, you're very, very *very* mistaken in the statement
    that digital audio can only have one format.

    But still, the intent of the question is valid; the answer is,
    perhaps, in the nature of each signal. With images, you have
    sequences of frames that contain spatial information (a two-
    dimensional grid of "points"), and each point of this 2D grid
    has multi-dimensional information (intensity and color).

    Sound is a one-dimensional (scalar) value as a function of

    Don't you think there are far more possibilities of ideas to
    encode something that is so much more complex and contains so
    much more information and atrributes as it is video when
    compared to audio?

  3. Radium

    Radium Guest

    I was only applying that statement to uncompression digital audio.
    There are many types of formats for compressed digital audio. What
    formats -- other than PCM -- exist for uncompressed digital audio.
    All right.
    Yes. Thanks for clearing much of my confusion.
  4. Direct Stream Digital a.k.a. Sony SACD (Super Audio CD)

    there are different PCM formats that are there to ostensibly make for
    better sounding audio or speech (such as A-law or mu-law) given a
    fixed word-width.

    and, there are lossless compression codes such as Apple Lossless.
    that is not simply "PCM".

    r b-j
  5. Please don't feed the troll. He'll argue with you, no matter what
    you say.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  6. Arny Krueger

    Arny Krueger Guest

    RGB is analog, not digital, so this is not a reasonble question.
    Not true at all. There are many formats for uncompressed digital audio,
    PCM, PFM, PDM, and so on.
  7. Elan Magavi

    Elan Magavi Guest

    PCM is NOT a compressed format.
  8. "Elan Magavi" wrote ...
    Yes, that is what the OP said. Your reading is excellent.
  9. Elan Magavi

    Elan Magavi Guest

    Yes.. I was agreeing with him. :) You're writing is excellent.

  10. Differential encoding (notice, *encoding* and not compression),
    spectral encoding, wavelet-based encoding, delta encoding (not sure
    what the official name is), 1-bit oversampling (though this one falls
    in the PCM category, but it is substantially different in terms of
    how it ultimately works).

    Again, the "intent" of your question was fine, in that in practical
    terms, each of these encoding schemes could be used as one of the
    encoding blocks for individual features or components of a video
    signal --- as a result, there would be a ratio > 1 between the
    number of encodings for uncompressed video vs. number of encodings
    for uncompressed audio.

  11. True that his original message could conceivably be the result of
    a troll doing his trolling.

    But he didn't sound too confrontational and certainly didn't argue
    too much with my reply. Seemed like a legitimate question to me,
    even if one that could have been answered by thinking about it for
    a little while. Still, I found it ok.

  12. ^^^^^^^^

    Too bad that the same can not be said about you're's... ;-)

  13. I think your wrong. In fact, the same can be said about hi's :)

    Or is it his'?

    Oh, I *hate* apostrophes!
  14. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Uncompressed Digital Video vs. Uncompressed Digital
    That should be: I think you're wrong.

    As in, "I think you are wrong"; "you are" contracts to "you're".
    Whatever happened to basic education in this country?

    No wonder what's her name's baby is the hot news story of the month.
  15. Whatever happened to the idea of humor in this country?

    In case you didnt' catch on, m'y response was further satire in
    response to Fran'ks satire :)
  16. Ron N.

    Ron N. Guest

    1) There is more than one format for uncompressed digital
    audio (a *lot* more if you have to deal in cross-platform
    and legacy format conversion tools).

    2) Video information has more dimensions (both in physical
    2D or 3D space, and in color space or spectrum) to record,
    so there are a lot more choices of vector basis, scaling,
    orientation, and bit-formatting, etc., even before compression.

  17. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Uncompressed Digital Video vs. Uncompressed Digital
    I know that, Gene!
  18. Well, then, you are much too subtle for me :)
  19. nappy

    nappy Guest

    I think your both beeding a dead herse here.
  20. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Would you mind naming one?
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