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Ultrasonic Transmitter questions

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by John Fields, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    If your receiver is getting swamped because of too much power from
    your transmitter, then you'll have to learn how to AGC the RX. Or,
    alternatively, couple a transmitter to the receiver and a receiver
    to the transmitter so that if the receiver gets overwhelmed it will
    tell the transmitter to stop shouting. But make sure that the
    receiver doesn't also shout, or else neither one of them will be
    able to understand the other.
  2. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    Some ultrasonic transducers have voltage maximums. You might want to find
    out if the one you are using has a maximum, and arrange to limit the
    voltage below that maximum.

    Also, are you connecting the high side to 5V when output is 'off'? Is this
    the same supply that you are using to power the logic chips? I haven't
    spent much time looking at the circuit, but it is possible that there
    could be some issues with noisy supply lines when the inductor is switched
    to that rail.

    Bob Monsen

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  3. Rubicon

    Rubicon Guest


    Quite awile ago I started a project to make an as powerful I can get
    ultrasonic remote control with TX and RX circuits capable of sending
    and receiving serial data. I've been at it off and on and so far I
    have it working as far as the TX circuit sending a single byte with a
    qualifier byte over and over until the receiver circuit detects it and
    acts upon it.

    The latest TX circuit involves an upgrade of PIC from the 16F84A to
    the 16F628A, change of code, elimination of a 40kHz 555 timer circuit
    and transducer drive transistor with the addition of a relay, R/C
    filter, AND gate, mosfet and an inductor.

    As a rank newbe I hope you could spend a little time to take a look at
    a partial schematic of the TX circuit and let me know what I've done
    wrong or how I could improve upon it.

    The main 13.8VDC power supply is 16V "zenered" and well filtered while
    the 5VDC is regulated. The relay is because I have no automatic gain
    on the RX circuit (don't know how) and it gets swamped if the TX is
    too close.


  4. Rubicon

    Rubicon Guest

    Sorry for the late thankyou for your replies.


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