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Ultrasonic burglar alarm & digital clock

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by invalid, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. invalid

    invalid Guest

    I have acquired what appears to be a digital clock
    with twin ultrasonic transducers facing towards the

    When I power it up, it is quiet, but as soon as I move
    in front of it, it initiates a loud clicking noise, almost as though
    by ticking like a clock it won't warn off intruders, but would
    warn the owner that there had been an intrusion. There is
    a plastic socket on the front with what appears to be a coupling
    coil buit in; perhaps there was some form of electronic master
    key to shut the thing off?

    Any way, it has the identifying model no "BD100" on the front
    and seems to have been manufatured by Fotherby Willis Electronics Ltd
    of Leeds, UK, a division of Glynwed.

    Any information on it would be gratefully received, failing which it'll
    be several hours of tracing the circuit.
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