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Ultrasonic - Basic questions newbie!!

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Wolfgang Allinger, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. :) All was an old nickname for me, but I early quit this, after comming
    in contact with english peoples :)

    My english isn't perfect, but do I understand, that you'll transmit,
    emit, receive ultrasonic with a wire from/to the ambience?

    I think, that's nearly impossible. Normally you emit US with some kind
    of piezo cristals (with bad efficency), even electromagnic pulsers (EMP)
    are possible (with much worser efficency) but I never heard of a wire,
    which is able to emitting US easy. Maybe that there is some effect of
    magnetostrictive things, but you shurely need lots of mW of power.

    If you will use the wire only for transportation of the US, that will
    work. US will travel on some kind of resistor-wire (Constantan ?), also
    on other metall as steel or copper. But in all these applications, the
    US is generated by piezo or EMP and it's not as easy to induce and much
    harder to pickup that signal to/from wire. And the greater the diameter
    of the material, the better it works. However, you could get reflections
    from the end of the wire, which are sometimes not easy to kill/suppress.
    A damper for US on wires is not an easy job.

    Also having a constant sound speed is not easy, so Constantan mentioned.
    I've made uC programms for transmitting US via 90..150m of strait
    vertical pulled wire with high pull tension, just to measure the
    position of elevator-cabins.

    Saludos Wolfgang
  2. techcs

    techcs Guest

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to put together a new project and I my aim is to have a
    long length of wire and it has to transmitt ultrasonic at low levels
    along the length of the wire.

    So to get me started I need to know what equipment I need to buy? I
    realise its not that easy but I have to start somewhere.

    Can anyone help?


  3. No, no-one can help. What is it you're trying to do? Ultrasonic SOUND?
    Down a WIRE?

    How long is a "long length of wire" ? Be aware that even the very best
    co-axial cables have high attenuations and you're going to need booster
    amplifiers ever few score kilometres. If you're crossing any
    substantial bodies of water, you have to consider maintenance and
    service aspects for these amplifiers, as well as high-voltage DC supply
    to the ends of the cable. Have you started the environmental impact
    statements and obtaining rights-of-way from the affected landowners?

    Undoubtedly the best equipment for your specification is the Binford

  4. THX, very interesting. I would not believe, that something will be
    possible. So forget my rubbish about cables for transmitting US.

    Saludos Wolfgang
  5. Guest

    You need to use for example this product:

    I do not think, that the effectivity will be significant, but it could
    work, at least in water.
    W. Bicz
  6. THX, you made my day :)

    Saludos Wolfgang
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