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(UK Pref) Large Peltier Units.

For Sale: Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted' started by TCWilliamson, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. TCWilliamson


    Mar 2, 2014
    The place were i currently have work experiance will be chucking out a large number of pelteir units.

    Anyone want to buy them? With 12v across them, they draw about 5A each (have not measured properly as i had fans attached at the time)

    each unit comes with or without heatsinks, the prices will be:

    £12 + £8 for a pelteir plate peice:

    £28 + £8 for a unit excluding backing plate:

    £30 + £8 for a whole unit:

    Buy 5 of any item and get 1 free! (contact me for postage costs)

    Postage is for UK, contact me for postage outside of UK

    Most aluminium frames of the units have bent corners, this can be fixed rather easly however.
    These heatsinks are high quality machined heatsinks with the fins pressed and glued in for better thermal dissapation then extruded versions.

    These units were used for special temperature controlled and logged fridges being sold at around £4,500. Each unit cost them around £400 to make,.
    the units are unused and almost all are undamaged (best ones go first as there are only around 5 damaged ones). The pelteir plates are quality made,
    not cheap china ones like on ebay as these products were top-of line.

    The unit is about 440mm long, the fan ports pictures are standard size fans like those found in computer PSUs.

    All the parts in a whole unit:

    Fins on a heatsink:

    Partially dissassembled:

    Closeup of peltair unit:

    I have over 45 so buy up while they last!

    I prefure bank transaction because there are no fees involved, however i will accept paypal, reluctantly..

    I Also accept postal order, cheque by mail, or cash on collection, other suggestions are welcome :p

    I have had them down to -20*C without any insulation, however i know these can have a temp difference of over 80*C on them due to the fact they are double layer units.

    I have sold many of these already, ( still have loads more, and the company i got them from still have more i can buy off them to sell.
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