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"Uehara cycle"

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Harbin, Dec 2, 2004.

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  1. Harbin

    Harbin Guest

    OTEC was once thought impossible to commercialise but has become feasible
    thanks to advances made over the past decade.
    It has been highly developed by Japan's Saga University and Xenesys Inc, who
    have built a 1000kW OTEC floating plant in the Indian Ocean. They are also
    involved in a project to install OTEC power generation systems in the
    Republic of Palau. Construction and planning for OTEC is in progress in many

    The system works like this:

    1. Liquid ammonia is heated with water drawn from near the surface of the
    ocean and converted into steam.

    2. Ammonia steam rotates the turbines and generates electricity.

    3. The steam is then cooled with 6C deep-sea water and converted back to

    4. To overcome the problem that the energy from the ammonia steam is
    relatively low compared with other power generators, OTEC uses a process
    developed by Professor Haruo Uehara and researchers at the science and
    engineering department of Saga University. The "Uehara Cycle" can work with
    a 15C temperature gap.

    5. Because the source of the heat is seawater, the energy cost is zero. The
    developers say the overall costs of the power generation processes are not
    much higher than those more conventional forms of power generation.

    Building a plant on Rarotonga would involve choosing a suitable site near
    Avarua and installing a false reef in front of the natural one, forcing
    waves to break further out to sea.

    To avoid unnecessary disturbance to the reef the water pipes would be sunk
    through the lagoon floor and out to sea, bringing up cold water from a depth
    of 600 to 1000 metres. The plant itself would be land-based.
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