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type of transistors

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by yonni, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. yonni

    yonni Guest

    I'm looking for using an amp. in my circuit. I found that there are
    some types as:LNA,gain block and more...
    were can i find details on the difference between them.
  2. Guest

    No offense, but if you are asking such questions, you should be looking
    at a completed amplifier, not rolling your own.

    Impedance, bandwidth, noise figure?
  3. Start with a 6SN7.

    Many thanks,

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  4. yonni

    yonni Guest

    thanks for the answer but i do not anderstad th difference between LNA
    ,gain block,and other types of amp. please if you have alink that will
    explain me the differences.
  5. Guest

    I'm not a RF expert, but here goes. LNA is a low noise amplifier, to be
    used with a weak signal. Gain blocks are used further down the chain.
    In a good design, you blow your noise budget at the front end. However,
    as you filter or mix, there are associated losses that need to be made
    up. You will need a power amp if you are going to transmit a signal.

    It would be simpler if you stated what you are trying to accomplish,
    rather than ask general questions. If you want a RF pre-amp, check out
    If you don't find one that covers your band of interest, Chip has more
    than are shown on the website. Those dual stage preamps he sells need
    some caution in their use since there is no power limiter on it. I use
    one with a 4:1 splitter, so no big deal, but directly into a radio will
    need to be carefully thought out. The problem is signal out of your
    band of interest may not be weak signal, and without input filtering,
    the dual stage could blow up the front end of some receivers.
  6. Thanks Don ! A good laugh is always appreciated. Love those glass-FETS.

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