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Twit needs help on Grundig TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Anti-Spam, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Anti-Spam

    Anti-Spam Guest

    Having problems with my Grundig "Elegance 70" TV model MW 70-150/8
    Dolby. The set kept switching itself into standby, and would reattempt
    to fire up again, which after a few goes it managed to refire up. A
    friend of mine who is a TV engineer suggested that I change the LOPT
    and the high voltage caps around the LOPT. I took them out after
    numbering them, took them to a component shop who had most of them
    (including the LOPT), got back and found that I am one short of the
    capacitors. Trouble is, I do not know the value. The board designation
    says "C53572" Does any kind soul out there have a circuit diagram for
    this chassis and can tell me the value of the missing cap. TIA. Mark
    in Spain.

    PS If this is the wrong newsgroup, please let me know, thanks.
  2. b

    b Guest

    LOPT= line transistor or transformer?
    check the schematic, see also
    post on forum if no luck.

    you need the chassis reference of the tv, starts cuc XXXX. look on the
    rear panel or consult model to chasis list on cromavideo site.

    good luck. b
  3. Anti-Spam

    Anti-Spam Guest

    Thanks B, the eserviceinfo web site I put straight into my favourites
    folder, great site. Spent 20 mins. trying to find the CUC part number
    somewhere on the chassis, but the buggers have hidden it, lots of part
    numbers for the various bits of metalwork and PCB's but no number I
    could find for the Chassis in total. Could not find the Cromavideo web
    site you mentioned, any chance of the complete address? LOPT I meant
    as Line Output Transformer, already changed the LOPT driver
    transistor. Thanks for you help. Mark.
  4. Anti-Spam

    Anti-Spam Guest

    B, sorry mate, further investigated the eservice site and found the
    chassis number through that, and have now found the part I need to
    get. Your help has saved my day, if by chance your ever in Spain, call
    by and I will buy you a large drink, thanks. Mark.
  5. b

    b Guest

    .... great news! Glad to have been of use. By the way, in case you
    need it here is the cromavideo site full address:

    un saludo desde Madrid!
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