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TVS diode as snubber for ac-dc flyback converter

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by aravind, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. aravind

    aravind Guest

    hi guys
    I plan to use TVS diode as snubber for a ac-dc flyback converter, by
    connecting TVS diode in parallel with the primary winding of the
    flyback transformer so that TVS diode absorbs the transient energy
    stored in the leakage inductance of the flyback transformer during
    turn off of the switch. The rated output voltage of the converter is
    50 V dc. The turns ratio of the transformer is 4:1. My rated power of
    operation is 210 W. Switching frequency is 50KHz in CCM mode. During
    transient my output voltage can go up to 80 V(worst case), and the
    current in the switch might go up to 15 A(max during full load in
    transient). Therefore I would require a TVS diode with a peak pulse
    power dissipation (Ppp) of about 1.6*80*4*15 =7680 W with rated
    working peak voltage (Vwm) of 80*4= 360. Since I could only get TVS
    diodes with Ppp of 1500 W. I intend to put six TVS diodes of 1500 W
    Ppp and Vwm 0f 60 V in series.
    Can anyone suggest weather this idea will work, and will any special
    measures have to be undertaken to for heat dissipation if the whole
    ckt (other than flyback t/f) has to be implemented on a pcb.
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