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TV won't stay on

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Vickie, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Vickie

    Vickie Guest

    I have a JVC 20" flat screen CRT TV (AV20F703) which I really like a
    lot and has gotten a lot of use in the 4 years I've had it.

    A few months ago it started having some waviness on the right side
    when the unit was first turned on. Once it warmed up the waviness
    would diminish somewhat.

    Then a few weeks ago the waviness disappeared and instead the picture
    had a lot of visual "noise" when first turned on, which would also
    diminish after it was on for a while.

    Starting last week I would turn it on and it would turn itself off.
    I'd turn it on again, it would turn off. First it would take a few
    tries and then it would stay on. Then it would take like 8 tries...12
    tries... I guess after enough tries it would warm up just enough to
    stop the failing whatever from turning off again.

    I'm bringing this TV in for repair tomorrow. I can't find any other
    TV's available right now that are nearly as good as far as picture and
    sound go so getting it fixed is important to me. (I bought the
    current JVC in this series and it stunk. They removed some nice
    features. I then bought a Samsung Slimfit which has a mediocre
    picture and some whining sound through my external speakers when I
    turn it off.)

    Any ideas of what could be the cause and does it sound fixable?

    Thank you-
  2. Guest


    I am glad to hear you say that you are taking the JVC television in
    for repair tomorrow...
    The JVC is a superior television and is worth fixing and YES.... it is
    fixable.... as long as it still comes on after a few tries it may be
    a fairly economical repair.
    The original symtoms you witnessed.... "waviness" and "noise" were a
    sure indicator of problems in the power supply circuitry... then as
    the fault progressed you then had the symptom of "won't stay on"...
    stop using the television immediately and get it repaired.
    DO NOT keep trying to make it stay on... you will eventually make
    things worse and then the television won't turn on at all, and the
    repair will be more expensive.
    In the future when you start seeing something out of the ordinary you
    should take it to a shop right away instead of waiting.... it will not
    heal itself and will only get worse and will be a more expensive
  3. Vickie

    Vickie Guest

    Thank you for your reply.

    I really like this TV. My original plan, when it seemed as if my
    current JVC TV might be going south, was to replace it the current JVC
    model in the same line. (i'Art)
    I was waited longer than expected for Sears to ship me the new TV, so
    I had to use the old one in the meantime, which got worse as I used

    JVC has the current 20" as having BBE audio, as my old one did, but I
    found once I received the TV that it was an error. This TV only has a
    Hypersurround setting, which stinks. The audio, even through my
    external speakers was terrible and the picture was very odd. I could
    not read words and when I would try to read the online cable guide it
    was if it was over exposed. JVC's suggestion was to disconnect the
    coax and connect it again, which didn't help.

    I really wanted a 20" CRT TV with a flat screen, decent audio, and a
    headphone jack. I bought the Samsung Slimfit, which is a big
    disappointment. Seems like a low-end picture, sort of how I associate
    RCA and GE TV's to be. There's bowing and the egdes are blurred. The
    audio is pretty mediocre as welll, although I have to say the new JVC
    was even worse. To top it off, my Sony universal remotes won't
    control this Samsung TV, so it's really annoying.

    So...basically I've looking for a TV which is exactly like the JVC I
    already have so I'm hoping the repair shop can just fix this one and
    I'll be happy.

    Thanks again-
  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Dried out electrolytic capacitors most likely. It would have been much
    easier to repair if you'd taken it in when it first started acting up rather
    than continuing to use it until more damage occurred. It should still be
    repairable, but it will cost more.
  5. Vickie

    Vickie Guest

    I picked up the JVC TV from the repair shop yesterday. It was two bad
    capacitors and cost around $90 to fix it. (Well worth it, since I
    tried three separate new TV's in it's place and they all were
    inferior, including the new JVC which took its place in their line.)

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