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TV without SCART

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by orange, May 15, 2006.

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  1. orange

    orange Guest

    is it possible to make RGB SCART connector on a TV that doesn't have
    one? (its a Toshiba TV and has only composite input)
    how easy/hard would it be?
  2. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Given that you can pick up reasonable CRT TV's for free these days you'd
    wnat a special reason for modifying that one. This TV wouldn't be an LCD
    one by any chance?

    Get the datasheet for your set, the PAL decoder chip and then find the
    service sheet for another set that uses the same (or near) chip, and has
    SCART. Between all that information you should have what you need to
    figure it out. Make sure that your set does not have a live chassis, and
    make sure your modifications are safe!

    Reminds me of an old project I did with a 16" Microvitec bare frame RGB
    TTL monitor pulled from an old games machine, converting it into a
    colour TV with teletext. Bypassed some TTL buffers and managed to drive
    linear signals to the guns, fitted a 'Manor Supplies' PAL decoder kit
    (which actually was designed for another Microvitec monitor - these were
    popular in UK schools for use with the BBC Microcomputer) and got a
    'sandcastle' pulse generated from the inwards of the monitor PCB to
    interface the decoder. Teletext (Mullard SAA50xx series) was added from
    another PCB ripped out of another TV set (even got fast blanking and
    subtitles going), and the remote keypad was from an old Texas
    Instruments LED calculator (which should have been kept intact and
    Ebayed today)...

    Happy days - the whole thing didn't have much of a case, and family
    members and friends regarded this very much mains live innovation with
    suspicion. I wasn't much good at metalwork or woodwork as I am now,
    cardboard seemed a lot easier to work with....

    'Kids', don't try this at home ;-)
  3. If the set was available with a SCART, the PCB may well be designed for
    the extra components needed.

    If not, is it worth it? Anything *can* be done, but by asking the question
    it sounds like you're not familiar with this sort of work and having a
    repair shop do it would probably cost more than a new TV.
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