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TV w/ Convergence Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bojangleslovin, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. I've got a Rear Projection Samsung HCM4215W who's blue gun is severely
    warped. See photographs here:


    I want to repair it (buying one is NOT an option). How can I determine
    if the "blue" emmiter (gun) has failed or the circuitry behind it? Under
    the TV's convergence setup, I can still make convergence modifications
    to blue, which behave properly, but its basic warped shape may not be
    modified. I found that samsung has a service manual for the TV that
    costs $20, is this going to help me w/ both diagnosis and repair? Armed
    with a soldering iron and multimeter, I await advice. Thanks in advance!

  2. mark

    mark Guest

    The manual will tell you how to adjust it, and if it doesn't the problem
    is in that part of the circuitry.
  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Check for leakage from any one of the three cpt before going too far, then
    order the convergence output board, After replacing that item then do the
    required adjustments.
  4. Thanx for all the help so far! Just wondering but what is a CPT? What
    if I find leakage? I've ordered the service manual!
  5. Art

    Art Guest

    CPT Cathode Projection Tube, another anagram for Cathode Ray Tube specifying
    it's application. If you indeed find evidence of leakage then you may just
    ask Samsung to send you the circuit boar that has the fluid on it as well as
    the three tubes, unless you can determine just which one has actually
  6. menkech

    menkech Guest


    I have the exact same TV with the exact same problem. Did you get it
    fixed? What did you do? How much did it cost?

  7. tom

    tom Guest

    You can swapt the blue and the red convergence connector yoke , the
    problem will follow the red gun . It look like the convergence output of
    blue gone.
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