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tv vs. oscilloscope tubes

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Allan Adler, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Allan Adler

    Allan Adler Guest

    It has been explained to me in the past that tv tubes and oscilloscope
    tubes are different in a fundamental way that makes the former unsuitable
    for use in an oscilloscope. It has something to do with electric fields
    versus magnetic fields for controlling the path of the electrons. I gather
    that this is something intrinsic to the tubes themselves. What is it exactly
    about their design and construction that makes this difference between them?
  2. An oscilloscope tube uses a similar cathode ray as the tv tube.

    The deflection of oscilloscopes is performed by an electrostatic field
    between two plates inside the tube, tv tubes use an external magnetic
    field (deflection unit with coils).

    The main difference is the nearly constant deflection frequency of tv
    sets and the wide deflection frequency range of osc tubes which would
    need lots of deflection power to build up the magnetic field. Another
    aspect could be the different precision of deflection factors in both

    For details search the internet, you'll find a lot about these themes.

    - Udo
  3. z

    z Guest

    a million years ago a friend of mine built an oscilloscope around a TV
    crt. main thing he proved is that deflection coils are way more
    sluggish than electrostatic deflection.
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