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Tv & vcr repair shops that closed or about to

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sidney, Aug 2, 2003.

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  1. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    As most of you techs in Canada & the USA know everyday there are
    repair shops closing their doors for the last time as it is difficult
    to make a profit let alone pay the bills,well I too am struggling to
    pay my bills and cannot afford to purchase a flyback/yoke tester or an
    ESR capacitor tester not even those build it yourself economical Dick
    Smith Electronics kits (invented by Bob Parker) or the Cap Wizard or
    Cap Analyzer:

    Dick Smith flyback/yoke tester:

    Dick Smith ESR capacitor tester:

    Cap Wizard ESR capacitor tester:

    Cap Analyzer capacitor tester:

    So if someone preferably in Canada has closed their repair shop and no
    longer need their flyback or ESR capacitor tester I will take your
    free tester unit,I will pay shipping to Nova Scotia which should cost
    only $3-5 CDN by mail and if I cannot find someone in Canada I will
    take one from the USA as it takes only 1 week from the USA and costs
    only $3 US (about $7 CDN).

    Here is an article that I contributed to NESDA (National Electronics
    Servicers & Dealers Association) about the world class HR Diemen

    Here is an article that I contributed to NESDA about the famous US
    MPLX sound decoder IC module which shows my location:

    Thanks for any help.
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