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TV tuner for the car

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by ken, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. ken

    ken Guest

    Anyone know of a TV tuner / DVD player that is small and I can connect to my
    Autovision in my car?

  2. YES!
    I have one(grin)
    Company called BRAVO ....SD-20T
    FRY's here sell em! $129.99 without the monitor which I had! Replacment for
    one That got drowned when I ran my car into the water(missed the turn)slick
    wet road.
    VERY good,I give them very high marks for this one,I had a Blapunk one at
    $189.00 and had problem with DVD,s that had even a scratch or two.Brand new
    DVD,s worked fine,try putting a DVD from Blockbuster in it...would NOT even
    load! The punk had a single power cable and a stick on extendable ANT..Thats
    it! the bravo had a Lot of goodies with it apart from the remote,It has on
    the back. S-VHS socket/SPDIF coax(rca) Digital. THREE different power
    cables,permant one,Cig lighter one and an adaptor for a 12 volt Wall wart so
    you can use it extention IR unit with 19' of cable,apart from the
    built in one,my video screen has one built in and it worked,the punk did
    I put it in the pocket between the seats,it even has a slide in frame as in
    Radio!with a Bezel,so it is ok to put it in the dash if you have a place for
    it,If I had my old Mercery sable it would have fit under the radio without a
    problem! There is one with the LCD also around $299 10" roof mounted...mine
    works well, very pleased,except for not connecting the standby line to the
    IGN switch and turning it on without noticing it and coming back to a DEAD
    battery next morning!(grin)my fault,very hard to get at the wiring!
    And it has front panel Composite/Stereo RCA connectors for the Sony PS2 the kids can play games on,Or you can drive everyone crazy
    replaying The Video you just made on vacation(ducking)

    Cheers Dennis
  3. JoeSixPack

    JoeSixPack Guest

    I don't know how stupid an idea this is, but an LCD on the dash could act
    like a heads-up display, if you could get the light levels right, and flip
    the image the right way.
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