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Tv trouble

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by icantthinkofaname .................., Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. I just got a new tv (panasoic 27") ive got it all hooked up but i
    accidently put it too close to a speaker and didnt notice it right away
    now i have this green blob in the lower left corner anyone know how i
    can fix it myself? thanks
  2. Rid

    Rid Guest

    You could move the speaker then turn off the tv (mains not standby) leave it
    for 20 mins then try it ....the auto deggausing should then work

  3. as soon as i nticed it last night i moved the speaker and turned it off
    i checked it this morning and its still there
  4. Move the speaker away, and unplug the set. Leave it unplugged overnight.

    This should trigger the demagnetization circuitry when the set is plugged
    back in and restore your set to proper operation. If there should be some
    residual discoloration left, try the whole cycle again.

    If the speaker was particularly large or the actual speaker driver assembly
    got too close to the set or its screen more permanent damage may have been
    done. This is rather unlikely, but possible if the discoloration will not go
    away after two or three cycles.

  5. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    It may take several cycles of the television's auto-degaussing circuitry to
    correct the problem. if the problem persists you should temporarily move
    the television to a different place in the room to see if that takes care of
  6. News

    News Guest


    If you can get hold of a instant heat soldering iron (looks a bit like a gun
    with trigger on). Then plug it in and try to draw the fault out by moving
    over the offending area.

    May help?


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