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TV sound problems

Discussion in 'Radio and Wireless' started by Deigh, Jan 10, 2021.

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  1. Deigh


    Apr 26, 2011
    TV sound problems.

    Like most LED screens my picture is excellent but the sound leaves much to be desired. Like most mature people I have slight hearing problems. I need to add a hi fi system but being in a small pensioner flat there is no room around the TV.

    I therefore need to set one up a short distance away beside my favourite chair where it can be heard by everyone but under my control for volume etc.. I cannot get under the house to poke wires across and to conceal them under the carpet is impracticable. The only solution is to send a signal by wireless which cannot be Bluetooth because of the delay factor.

    Where can I obtain a small inexpensive TX/RX system that I can adapt to meet my needs?
  2. davenn

    davenn Moderator

    Sep 5, 2009
    what delay ?
    I use BT headphones on my PC for listing to music videos and movies. There is no noticeable delay

    since it is also a radio link, it would also suffer any delays that you think might exist :)
  3. Harald Kapp

    Harald Kapp Moderator Moderator

    Nov 17, 2011
    delayed audio or video can be an issue with wired setups, too. Today, many TVs and/or home theater systems can be adjusted to compensate this delay.
  4. Deigh


    Apr 26, 2011
    I understood that there was a standard 2tenths of a second delay in bluetooth signals. This has always been a problem when playing an instrument but perhaps it is unimportant on normal watching, I'll have another look at bluetooth.
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