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TV repair : problem of jumping images

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by WatchDog, Nov 24, 2004.

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  1. WatchDog

    WatchDog Guest

    Hello everybody !
    I'm looking for some online resource (i.e. a general TV repairing guide,
    for instance) to enable me to fix my TV, where images are recurrently
    jumping on the screen, adding at some moments some black space on the
    top of the screen, and then this nil space is on and off and on...
    Rather disturbing. Can help me ?
  2. john

    john Guest

    Please the Make and Model of TV.

  3. WatchDog

    WatchDog Guest

    That's a Brandt.
    Chassis IKC2, Model 51203T.
    And, if it can help, it is made in Spain.
    Thanks indeed.
  4. john

    john Guest

    I dont know the Make or Model but look for bad solder connections on the
  5. Just a wild assed guess-- poor low frequency response of the video
    section causing distortion of the vertical interval, usually from a
    bad electrolytic coupling capacitor. The vertical jumping from this
    would be program sensitive in its early stages. Bright white fields or
    dark black (usually not both conditions) causes loss of vertical lock.
    Is that the symptom?

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