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TV Repair II - Guidance Needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Reactor, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Reactor

    Reactor Guest


    A few weeks ago, I posted about my 12 year old RCA TV that started giving me
    snowy pix. The consensus was that I am suffering from the common issue of
    poor factor soldering on the CTC175 main board.

    I have the TV gutted and need to get the tuner covers off. I am told the
    top one just pops off, but I need to get the bottom one off. I can't tell
    where I need to desolder to remove the bottom cover.

    I know there are four points that need desoldering, and there are four
    circular blobs of solder in the middle of the tuner cover.

    Are these the areas that I need to desolder, or are the ones I need
    somewhere around the perimeter of the cover, and do they attach the cover to
    the PCB?

    Thanks in advace!!
  2. Perhaps:

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  3. Reactor

    Reactor Guest

  4. AJ

    AJ Guest

    Highly suggest offing this one to a repair facility that had done RCA OBT
    Tuner Repairs. Unless you just want to experiment with it. Looking at the
    bottom tuner cover it is obvious where the shield is soldered on, however,
    once you get that off you still will be completely in the dark as to what
    you may need to solder. Again, suggest having it done for you if you want a
    functional set afterwards.
  5. Charlie East

    Charlie East Guest

    The 4 globs in the middle of the cover has to be unsoldered. I get all I can
    with a solder sucker, Then very carefully lift one side with a small
    screwdriver while heating the points, After the cover is removed, inspect
    the solder with a magnifing glass, usuall the big ones need soldered.Take a
    good look at the point to make sure what is connected in case of a
    bridge.Also be careful not to loosen and lose any surface mount components
    around the point you are resoldering, Also sometimes the input connector
    needs resoldering, be careful not to use too much solder around the edge or
    you might have trouble getting the covers back on.
    Hope this helps
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