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TV Philips G112 pincushion

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Freddy T, Nov 26, 2003.

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  1. Freddy T

    Freddy T Guest

    I have a Philips TV , it's a G112 chassis with rather curved looking
    vertical lines at each end, pincushion . So I though it was the E/W
    circuitry, you know the vertical modulated onto the horizontal stuff. But
    it all checks out okay. Can anyone kindy offer any help?

    I think the model number is a 29sp1798

    Thanks for any help in advance

    Frredy T
  2. James

    James Guest

    Um...If I recall correctly (been a while) check if there is a fuse open near
    the EHT tranny, and a shorted transistor TO-220 type package nearby (no...I
    dont mean the HOT, its to do with Pincushion)

    I may be way off the beaten track here but something sticks in my mind about

  3. Freddy T

    Freddy T Guest

    Thanks for your advice James

    There doesn't appear to be a fuse. That may be the G110 chassis. I checked
    the TO-220 and it was okay as where all the components around it. The
    components on the S-correction board where also okay. I have to admit he
    pincushion is a bit odd. There is a full width screen but any vertical
    lines at either edge bow inwards at the centre quite a bit. It's almost
    like the neck magnets where not adjusted, of course they are and are glued
    into position. I am started to suspect some other type of horizontal
    defection linearity problems. I just not quite sure where to look, The
    waveforms I checked all look okay.
    I did disconnect the TO-220 and got a pincushion effect, similar to a
    monitor when you adjust a monitor for pincushion. The horizontal
    defelection actualy stops in a curved fashion. In my case I have a full
    screen, it may actualy be extra width and the closer a vertical line is to
    the outer edges the more it bows inwards.

    Freddy T
  4. Freddy T

    Freddy T Guest

    Ohh there must be someone out there who has come across this before.
    the following main parts in the e/w cctry measured okay 7963 7962 3956 2952
    2962 2960 2950 5933 as well as a number of other resistors, diodes. EVen
    the comps on the s-panel where checked.

    Is there something else that could look like and e/w problem?

    Freddy T
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