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TV can't find channels

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    I am trying to install a second hand TV (Samsung CX 6844N) to an
    analog cable network but when I do a channel search it finds only one
    channel. When I plug in the same antenna cable to another set all
    channels are there as usual.

    The one channel it does find is on the K band, all other channels
    should be on VHF and the S band, but they are not found. The TV does a
    channel search (both automatic and manual) on VHF1, VHF3 and UHF and
    the station on the K band is found on UHF. The TV set is said to have
    worked fine just recently.

    I am grateful for any ideas.
  2. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest

    Have you set the cable/air selection to cable? If the set is set to
    air, it will miss most of the cable tv channels as they are different
    to a large extent from the broadcast/air channels.
  3. Guest

    I'm not sure how to do this on that particular set and I have no
    manual. There is only digital terrestrial television in this area and
    no digital receiver is connected so the one station the TV does
    receive is surely on cable. Would this be possible if the receiver is
    set to air and the station happens to be on the right frequency?

    Anyone know how to check if the TV is set to receive air or cable?
    Please bear with me for asking such elementary questions...
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