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Tv Cables Connector Bad

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Zman69, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. Zman69

    Zman69 Guest

    My TVcable connector is going bad. I changed the cable several times. That's
    not it. If I tap where it connects the picture clears up. What's the easiest
    way to fix it.
    Once a person told me to put "Cold Solder" on the connection. I went to the
    hardware store and asked for cold solder. Nobody knew what I was talking
    about. I called Radio Shack.They didn't have it either.
    If that is what I need, can somebody please tell me where to get it. I
    don't do allot of electronic work, so I apologize if I sound like an amateur
  2. Reason

    Reason Guest

    It sounds like someone didn't know what they were talking about; I never
    heard of "cold solder" either. A "cold solder" joint is when a soldered
    joint fails to make a good connection, and needs to be resoldered.

    It sounds like your problem may be in the cable connector itself. You may
    need to have it re-soldered or replaced.
  3. Zman69

    Zman69 Guest

    Thank You very much
  4. Art

    Art Guest

    Either that or have the tuner assembly replaced, a good tech will be able to
    tell if you just need the rf connector repaired or if you will need a
    complete tuner.
  5. robert

    robert Guest

    Robert wrote,
    I beleive that the product you are searching for is a paste or silicone with
    a very high silver content. This has been refered to as "cold solder". The
    advice you have been given to re-solder the connection is most likely the
    best and least expensive way to approach this problem.
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