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TV advice: Princess 68ct8

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Wayne Reid, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Wayne Reid

    Wayne Reid Guest

    TV displays a good picture but does not fill the screen horizontally, and is
    stretched past screen edges vertically. The left and right edges are a bit
    wavy, but the picture itself is fine (although people are a bit tall and
    skinny). I presume that the relevant adjustments could be made via the
    service menu - can anyone help with the codes? On the other hand, I could
    just take it to a service agent (they charge $44 for a quote and subtract
    this fee from the repair cost - which sounds reasonable if the tv is easily
    repaired - alternative is the hard waste collection in 2 weeks).

    Trouble is, this is the kids TV and the remote is ?????

    As the TV plays DVDs 99% of the time that has not been a worry, but I'll bet
    the remote is needed to get into service mode.

    Apart from the adjustments that can be done using the service mode, is it
    possilble to make adjustments as per a normal old tv by pulling the back
    off? I know about the warnings of screwing around inside a TV - this
    question can be answered "theoretically".

    Any advice would be welcomed. TIA

  2. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy Guest

    Unless someone has already screwed with the various trimpots, adjustment
    probably isn't your problem. More likely, something is failing.
    I didn't know that "Princess" still existed. How old is it?

    .... Johnny
  3. Wayne Reid

    Wayne Reid Guest

    It's a Princess. Not that old. Still represented on the Palsonic web site.
    The set belongs to a relo. I had a look inside, but there was nothing that I
    could poke about with that had any good affect. Anyway, it's all back
    together, and I'll see about taking it out to the service agent soon.

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