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Turntable drive belt.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    Hi all, I'd like to get my wife's old turntable up and running for the holidays. It's a Dual CS505-2 and I need a new belt. Any favorite places to buy such gear. I'm in the US. I found LPgear selling it for ~$20. I didn't look much further 'cause I figured I could ask here.


    George H.
  2. Wond

    Wond Guest

    There is a site, that shows dual belts
  3. I paid at least ten dollars for a replacement belt for my Lenco L133 (from
    1978) about 6 years ago. It was a local place, still carrying that kind
    of stuff.

    My first thought was "that's expensive for a bit of rubber", and I did
    wonder if the place was charging for rent on the item, upping the price to
    justify keeping the belts around.

    But then I thought "I've had this turntable since 1978, paid good money
    back then, and there's never been a problem" so spending ten or whatever
    dollars on it was a small amount to get it starting faster (it was still
    working with the old belt, which was the original belt, it just needed me
    to spin the turntable a bit to get going).

  4. Guest

    If the rubber is badh, you'd be wise to check the lubricants so that the other parts don't wear out quickly.

  5. Guest

    In 2006-ish, I bought replacement belts for my cassette-based answering
    machine from the local electronic supply store. I first inquired at a
    couple of places that still advertised TV/VCR/stereo repairs. One
    didn't have any leads and the other steered me to the store. At that
    time, either I couldn't find an online source, or I didn't mind paying
    a little more to see the belts in person.

    I found that it helped to know about what I wanted before I went in
    there. A lot of audio belts seem to be made or supplied by "PRB" or
    maybe "EVG", which are both tentacles of Russell Industries. Russell
    doesn't seem to sell onesy-twosey to humans; only to companies. says (PDF page
    146) that a Dual "CS-505/-1" takes an "FRY13.1" belt; no word on a
    CS505-2. The specifications on PDF page 275 say that an FRY13.1 subs
    to an FRX13.1, which is 13.1 inch inside circumference, 0.140 inches
    wide, and 0.031 inches thick.

    If the particular shop really does sell belts, they will also have the
    little measuring jig that can measure yours - basically a sliding ruler
    with round pegs at the ends. If they measure an old belt, they subtract
    a fudge factor of a few percent (stretch) to get the replacement belt.

    You appear to be somewhere in New York state. If you're near NYC, I
    feel really confident that *somebody* in town still has one on the
    shelf; elsewhere I am not as sure. Russel Industries has an address
    on Long Island, but I don't know if they have a "will call" counter.
    The cassette belts were smaller, like 2 inches ID, and I recall them
    selling for $2 or $3 each. This is somewhat of a hazy memory, though.

    Matt Roberds
  6. Guest

    I don't have alisting for
  7. Guest

    I don't have a listing for your model, but I do have many belts for turntables. Shoot me an Email directly at the address below and I'll get you whatyou need. TT belts usually go for $8-$10. I have many in stock from years of servicing. I'm located in Ma.


    DansABRservices at yahoo dot com
  8. Tim Schwartz

    Tim Schwartz Guest


    I generally get my Dual parts from South Street Service

    who are an excellent choice for Dual parts in general. Some of the
    aftermarket belts are of questionable fit and quality. Don't forget to
    clean the drive surfaces of old rubber before installing the new belt.
    Also, at this age, the turntable may need a general maintenance service
    and lubrication.

    Tim Schwartz
    Bristol Electronics
  9. chuck

    chuck Guest

    Tim is right. Back when I was in audio repair, PRB belts would
    sometimes double the wow and flutter of some cassette decks and
    turntables than if the original belts were used.
  10. Guest

    Hi guys, Thanks for all the responses. I was a bit it a hurry to get something ordered so I just went with an online place. (Vintage electronics IIRC)

    George H.
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