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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Sep 29, 2007.

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    Every one has wisdom that others are willing to pay for. In the
    information age, more and more people have realized that knowledge and
    ideas are worth much more and cannot be just freely given away.
    People need a platform to convert their wisdom to wealth. is the world's first online market place for trading
    or sharing wisdom. It provides an online platform where massive
    knowledge and ideas can be traded or shared worldwide on the
    Internet. It turns wisdom to wealth. gives sellers the ability to create customized wisdom
    products online and present them to potential buyers over the web. provides the web-based multi-media editing tools. The
    user does not need to pre-install any software. Our web-based multi-
    media editor works on any web browser.
    Since only our browser program at can display the
    wisdom products, it makes the product very hard to pirate.

    Why would anyone use when you can "Google" the
    subject at no cost? Try learning a complex subject with a search
    engine. To use it you must know the right key word and it takes a
    long time. The multi-media presentation on is
    specific; it is customized to the client's interest; and can be
    replicated easily by clients.

    Is a book the best choice to learn new things? If you try to learn a
    complex subject by reading a book, often you will follow the
    instruction and still not get the right result. That is because it is
    very difficult to follow the word instruction without making a
    mistake. can easily present people the knowledge
    step by step, visually and spoken, through the multi-media platform.
    Many types of knowledge are hard to explain in words but are easily
    shown in video, image and audio format.

    There are more than 2.5 million copies in print of previous editions
    of "Excel 2007 for Dummies" sold last year. But book author royalties
    are as low as 25 cents, maybe 50 cents or one dollar per copy sold.
    At you name the price and the entire sale is your

    Just imagine how powerful your multi-media presentation platform can
    be for business. Make presentations, do it off line and send to the
    prospective customer who can view it many times in the office or at
    home. Create field instructions on complex equipment or program
    operation menus. Customize your sales presentations.

    To learn more about this powerful, unique new tool, click onto the
    links below.
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