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Turn your Laptop monitor into a LCD TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by LCD Accessory Provider, May 22, 2006.

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  1. I have an old Notebook computer for more than 5 years. Because I use it
    often, the notebook finally has some problem occurred. The most
    important thing is that the plastic case between notebook and monitor
    broke. I spent 120 dollars have those problem fixed. Recently, my
    notebook was dead. I visited computer shops try to get some help. I
    believe that my computer can be fixed, but it will cost me a lot of
    money. While visiting those computer shops, I found a lot LCD monitors
    for sell. An idea crossed my mind. Can I recycle my notebook and turn
    it into a stand alone LCD TV or LCD monitor? But I did not find any
    accessories in the shops.

    It's a bad luck. Am I wrong? Can't it be possible? I went home and
    found some tech information about the differentiation between a
    notebook LCD monitor and a standalone LCD monitor. The different is
    that the standalone LCD monitor accept analog signal from a PC because
    it go with a AD converter. The notebook one is only digital signal. So,
    the notebook LCD monitor can not be used directly. It needs a converter
    to convert the analog single into digital signal. Also, I need a
    inverter to activate the CCFL(lamp).

    So, the theory is simple. If I got a converter and an inverter, and the
    connections are correct, I can DIY my own LCD TV. I searched the net
    through YAHOO, E bay, and alibanet. Finally, I found a company which
    sell LCD accessories including LCD plastic case, inverter, and the most
    importer one the driver which convert analog signal to digital signal.
    Different types LCD panel use different driver. I sent my panel picture
    to him. See picture 1. The red circle is the model number. It is very
    important to tell sell in order to give me the correct connector and
    driver board.

    For more information, please reply.
  2. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    You can't.
    Sell the computer on ebay.
    Buy a LCD monitor.
    It's in principle possible, but in practice, it's much, much easier to
    ebay, and buy a new one.
  3. Very right.
    I designed a board to do this a little while ago, for a company that sells
    LCD panels. You need first the TV tuner, then a system to digitise this
    into a memory area. Then the ability to rescale the access to this memory
    to match the size of the LCD, and the ability to clock this data
    asynchronously out onto the panel. Development cost was a few tens of
    thousands of pounds. The actual units are only a few dollars produced in
    quantity, but they have to be designed to match the connection sequence of
    the panel concerned (we did all the output , using a fpga, which allows
    this to be reprogrammed to suit different panels). You could probably make
    a 'one off', using some dual port memory, a video digitiser board, and
    some discrete logic to drive the panel, but you would need full timing
    details for the panel, and the cost would be many times what an LCD TV
    Sell the laptop as a non-working 'scraper' on ebay, and it may well get
    recycled into fixing some others, or repaired itself.

    Best Wishes
  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hello Roger,
    Depends on what died. If the notebook doesn't power up anymore, sure.
    But if it just lost a drive or battery capacity you may be able to use
    it, at least in Europe. I have heard that people in Germany buy these
    DVB-T sticks that plug into USB, to watch digital TV on their computers.
    In most regions over there TV has been converted to digital so you have
    a quite complete array of channels. The sticks are supposedly cheap and
    must contain the tuner.

    These days I just would have a hard time to find anything worthwhile
    watching :)

    Regards, Joerg
  5. Guest

  6. EETimes showed a tear down of one of these sticks recently. Here's the

    and the image that went along with it:
    Sendung mit der Maus?

  7. Guest

    Finally, I found a company which sell LCD accessories including LCD
    What is the company that you found and how do I get in touch with them?
  8. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

  9. Guest

  10. I can get one for you. what is your model number of the panel. The
    number is on the back of the panel. Take the back side of picture and
    send it to me.
    my e-mail:
  11. The package including a VGA driver board, inverter, power adapter, VGA
    cable, and 12.1"LCD panel case about 68USD. If you want TV tuner
    function, the package cost 98USD. Different size of case the price is
    slightly different. Shipping not included.
  12. Guest

    You can check 'Sanyo LM-CD53-22NEK' I have a few other too thoe.
    Any of those driver boards that can be controller over ethernet..?
    Ie sending picture data that way.
  13. This is STN panel not a TFT-CLD. My driver board does not support this
    kind of panel.
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