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turn your expensive oscilloscope into a $5 clock

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by BrunoG, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. BrunoG

    BrunoG Guest

  2. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    I remember hacking 6800 assembly code as a kid and tweaking R's and
    C's in my ramp generator until I had spelled out my name on the scope
    screen :).

    Somewhere on the world-wide-interweb is a 50's era article that shows
    how to synthesize some very nicely rendered digits onto a X-Y display
    using sine/cosine waves and harmonics.

  3. DJ Delorie

    DJ Delorie Guest

  4. Joel Koltner

    Joel Koltner Guest

    Very nice... good use for that old Tek 2465B when you're not using it for Real
    Work! (Granted, someone like Joerg might suggest that the ratio of how often
    you use a 2465B to a digital 'scope tells you something about how good you are
    at circuit troubleshooting... :) )
  5. BrunoG

    BrunoG Guest

    Well spotted !
    I should have named the topic "how to turn your expensive power supply into
    Schematic has been corrected ;-)

    Thanks !

  6. Guest

  7. Guest

  8. Deep Reset

    Deep Reset Guest

    Reminds me of a late '70s Byte project for Space War (gravity and
    everything!) on a 'scope using an 8080.
    [scuttles off to dig out code and see if it is feasible to translate to PIC
  9. Walter Banks

    Walter Banks Guest

    Well done.. Nice U Tube Video support

    Fun is good


    Walter Banks
    Byte Craft Limited
    Tel. (519) 888-6911
    Fax (519) 746 6751
  10. msg

    msg Guest

    There was a nice article in the Proceedings of the IRE from the '50s
    about doing just that -- it was a lot like a QEX article from more
    recent times.


  11. Guy Macon

    Guy Macon Guest

    Sorry, I was too busy using a $10,000.00 computer to replace
    a 99 cent pack of playing cards while playing solitaire...
  12. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    I ran a WAV of something like that on my oscilloscope. Too bad my
    soundcard is crummy.


  13. $10,000.00 computer? Are you interested in a used bridge, cheap?

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  14. StoneThrower

    StoneThrower Guest

    Hat down.
  15. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Look again.
    it's not to ground, or at least when I looked at it it wasn't.
  16. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    It sure looks like it's tied to ground.

    Maybe you should reconsider this AND coupling capacitors.
  17. Guest

    I think you will find the small schematic on the page does have the
    power supply short.
    When you click it for the enlargement, you get the corrected version.
    Depending on your age and your monitor the one directly on the page is
    difficult to see if it is correct or not.
  18. Guy Macon

    Guy Macon Guest

    I would rather you sell me one of these for less than $10,000:

    Dell PowerEdge 6800 server
    Quad 3.4GHz/800Mhz/16mb Cache, Dual-Core Intel Xeon 7140M CPUs
    8GB, DDR2, 400MHz (8X1GB) Single Ranked DIMMs, (Mirrored, 4GB usable)
    Dual Power Supplies
    24X IDE CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive
    Split HD Backplane
    2X5 Hot-Pluggable Split HDD Backplane
    Dula PERC4DC-PCI Express controllers, 128MB Cache ea.
    Two 146GB 15KRPM SCSI U320 HotPlug Hard Drives (RAID-1[mirrored])
    Three 300GB 10KRPM SCSI U320 HotPlug Hard Drives (RAID-5)
    Two Intel Pro 1000MT Dual Port Gigabit Network Adapters
    List price: $16,063
    Price after Volume discount: $11,244

    (I didn't add the cost of Redhat, VMWare, multiple Windows
    licenses, seperate NAS for backup, UPS, monitor, etc...)

    BTW, I don't actually play Solitaire on a computer; until
    the above system gets installed it will be running a chess
    program -- and beating me badly every game. :)
  19. Neat design, generating text in Y/T mode.

    Let's be constructive:

    With a small SW change you could put a needle ('invisible') pulse in each
    image trace at the point in time where the scope should start, the scope
    should be able to trigger on that. Just have enough time between images so
    the scope hold off time has finished (normally not more than 10..20% of the
    sweep time).
    For most scopes this removes the need for the trigger cable (which still
    makes thinks look as if you are doing X-Y control). For rotten scopes one
    could still connect the old trigger output.

    Arie de Muynck
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