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Tuning Mitsubishi CT-2153STX

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    We have a Mitsubishi CT-2153STX that was working fine, until our
    friend's child pushed a button on the front(maybe?). Now it just has
    white noise (fuzz) and says "28:........ AFT ON
    UHF )))))))))))))))))......................"
    We have tried pushing the buttons on the front -there are two rows of
    7 with no labels. The words change on the screen, but it doesn't seem
    to tune it or make any difference.

    We don't have remote or a manual for it (can't find a manual for free
    on the internet and am loathe to buy one), does anyone know what the
    problem might be?

    thanks loads,
  2. Guest

    I can't be totally specific, but when shit like that happens generally
    you unplug it to let it reset. But then some sets will have a battery
    backup, and that could be the problem.

    You can remove the battery and it'll most likely be fine, but you will
    lose all presets whenever the set is unplugged. It is also likely to
    be soldered in.

    Problem I have with lithium batteries is getting a good one. I have
    been shipped so many bad ones that now I just wire in a couple of
    triple A batteries.

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