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Trying to replace resistor on a remote keyless gate access panel.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by dlanghoff, May 24, 2015.

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  1. dlanghoff


    May 24, 2015
    Hello all,

    New here and with not much electronics experience. I have an Elite Miracle 1 electronic driveway gate that I routinely open by my car remote control. I also have a remote keyless access panel that I can punch a code into to open up the gate.
    It has not worked for a couple of years. I finally opened it up to discover some dead fire ants near a presumably burned out resistor, so I am thinking there was some type of heat/chemical reaction that cause this particular resistor to overheat.

    Here a picture of the keyless panel:

    Closeup of R16 which looks to be burnt out.

    So, excuse my lack of electronics knowledge, but can I snip out that burnt out R16 resistor and replace it by soldering in a new one?

    Also, I read that R16 indicates that it is rated at 16 ohms. I am also seeing different wattages for resistors, how do I determine which size wattage resistor to replace this one with?

    Finally, is there a good online source to purchase desired resistor?


  2. dlanghoff


    May 24, 2015
    another pic...

  3. Laplace


    Apr 4, 2010
    Looks like that resistor burned out real good. It is possible that fire ants congregating around the resistor impeded the convection cooling by blocking air circulation. Yes you can replace the burned resistor by cutting it out then melting the solder and removing the old wires. But R16 does not mean a 16-ohm resistor {where did you read that?}, it just means it is resistor #16 on the board (see resistors R9 & R10 next to it.) It appears R16 got so hot that the color bands were burned off, so unless you can locate a schematic/parts list to determine what value R16 is, then there is no way to tell what value replacement you actually need. The only information I could find on Google indicated that the lowest replaceable unit is the entire control board. If you know someone who has the same control board, maybe they can read the value of R16.
  4. Colin Mitchell

    Colin Mitchell

    Aug 31, 2014
    R16 is not 16 ohms.

    Get a multimeter and read across the resistor. If it is open, read from one end to as far as you can go along the spiral.Do the same for the other end and add the resistances.
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