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True Double feed (-48v)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Amnon, Jun 3, 2004.

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  1. Amnon

    Amnon Guest

    I would like to supply my company communication box with two power
    connectors that will allow the -48v feed of the box.
    I intend to use two serial diodes in order to OR the two "hot" -48v traces
    into one trace.

    Should I use another set of diodes (in the reverse direction off course) to
    OR the two "neutral" -48v_Return traces as well , or can I short them both
    on my PCB right after the connectors ?

    A short will fit my needs better for several reasons but sometime ago I was
    told that a standard (NEBS?) requires a "True double feed" which he
    interperted as a set of diodes for the RETURN traces as well.

    Can anyone tell me if he was correct, and if so to which standard he refer
    to, or there is no problem to OR only the "hot" traces?

    Any comment will be appreciated?


  2. jan

    jan Guest


    Hi Amnon,

    I see you didn't an answer to your problem either.
    Looks like we have to find a smarter NG. Let me know if you do.

  3. Amnon

    Amnon Guest

    I am afraid I didn't fully understand your comment (NG ?)...
    However, if you are intersted in this issue as well I have received from a
    compliance lab the recommendation number in NEBS which describes the
    suggested way to attend this issue , and they do recommend diodes on both
    the -48V and the 48V_RTN.
    In case you are intersted I can deliver this paper to you.
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