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Troublecodes for Philips 32pt5441/37?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rascal, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Rascal

    Rascal Guest


    I have in my possession possibly one of the worst televisions (in
    terms of reliability) ever made. It has died once again, but this time
    it is generating a different code.

    The TV will turn on, but as it is coming on the protection circuit
    cuts the power and then sets the code. The code is: 2-11-1 (2 short - 11
    short - 1 long). Anyone have a line on Philips troublecodes? I hate this
    TV and I would just throw it away, but what does one do with a 150lb
    turd besides throw your back out?

    Many Thanks!

  2. Guest

    Philips arent nice. Which Chassis is this? If it's the one I'm
    thinking, it goes though a start-up sequence, but has to detect line
    before it will power up completely. Biot chicken and egg situation,
    but maybe the small signal board. This board has to receive line
    pulses to complete power on. If your really stuck, get back to me. I
    know someone.........(but need to know which chassis)
  3. Rascal

    Rascal Guest

    It's a L04.1U AA chassis. I believe you are correctly thinking of my
    turd. I'd appreciate any help, but I'm starting to think of covering it
    with a table cloth and building a zigarrat out of my old TVs.

    Thanks Again,

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