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Trojan 605's

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by [email protected], Sep 24, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    Anyone using T605's. I just got a deal on them and installed ten at
    cabin. Just wondering how happy you are with them. Guess I will find out :)
  2. Guest

    By the way, The seller of these Trojan batterys was not sure of the
    recommended voltages so I called trojan, in less than two minutes I had
    tech support online and had my answer 14.8 recommended system volatage.
    As luck would have it my Heliotrope only has 14.7 or 14.9 as optional
    voltages. So the next day I called Trojan again. I got the same results,
    only had to wait about a minute and again Tech came online and answered
    my question. Good customer service, keep up the good work Trojan!
    BTW the answer was that I should use 14.7 volts ( I have a 12 volt
    system) as the system voltage for the T605's.
  3. Guest

    Thanks for the reply

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