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Triac MAC15 A10 or MAC15 MG

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by pete, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. pete

    pete Guest

    Hi all,
    Can anyone tell me where in UK I can buy a triac with the
    following markings: MAC15 A10 or
    MAC15 MG with a 220-3 lead standard package.


    Pete in UK
    Manufacturer: ON
  2. Hi ! Pete,

    We are company with stock of the following :

    MAC15MG and MAC15A10 by ON

    If your are interested to us, we may able to supply you.

    Our delivery cost is from US$10 to US$35 (based on small QTY). ( Delivery
    date is around 7 to 14 days)

    Thanks !

    Patrick Cheung
    Address : 1805, Wu Sang House, 655 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel : +852-25055838
    Fax : +852-25058121
    E-mail :
    Web-site : or
  3. pete

    pete Guest

    Thanks very much Patrick I have manage to get one in the UK


  4. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Pete. This shouldn't be too tough. Have you started with the
    usual suspects?

    You know, Farnell, Arrow, Future, EBV?

    If they don't have both of the parts, you should be able to arrange a
    cross-reference from one of several manufacturers -- this seems to be
    kind of a standard 800V triac here.

  5. Hi ! Pete,


    Hope the we have chance next time.

    Thanks !

  6. pete

    pete Guest

    Thanks for you help.
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