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transistor in the industrial production

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by GiuseppeDini, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. GiuseppeDini

    GiuseppeDini Guest

    I have a make a research for the school about "the role of transistor
    in the industrial production".
    I've not many ideas about the topics I should analyze in depth.
    Please suggest me two or three ideas.

  2. The transistor led to the integrated circuit which led to an entire range of
    products that never could have been achieved with vacuum tubes. The
    economic impact of this is enormous. That's one tack that you could take.

    Another is the wide range of products that would never have been conceived
    or developed: cell phones, MRIs, home computers, small business computers,
    the Internet, digital cameras, and so on.

    Also, you could research the human impacts: the amazing range and almost
    instant access to information, the entertainment aspects, education, and so
  3. The replacement of vacuum triodes tubes in telephone exchanges, reducing
    the heater(s) energy needed.
    The replacements were produced on vacuum tube plugs for direct
    replacement, just the heater connections were not used.

    _History_, about 40 years.


  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    What do you mean by "industrial production" ?

  5. GiuseppeDini

    GiuseppeDini Guest

    Thank youy to all!
    Now I have some hints to make a better reasearch.

  6. GiuseppeDini

    GiuseppeDini Guest

    The wide range of industrial production.
    I had to make a little research about a technlogical topic I chose and
    I decided this "the transistor"
    My teacher told me it seems not directely involved in industrial
    production so he changed the name of the topic.

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