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transforming energy infinite

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by ring_theory, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. ring_theory

    ring_theory Guest

    Mankind transforms energy from it's various forms to kinetic for the work.

    I ultimately believe that we just havn't found the correct method of
    transformation to be fully effective at producing renewable energy.

    This is mostly because mankind has through the years taught our students
    that the laws of thermodynamics under no condition can be broken. Which I
    agree. But on the other hand they fully ignore the fact that the laws can be

    I feel man has come to this conclusion by observations based
    on the wrong combination of transformations and using the work
    (kinetic energy) prematurely.

    Some of the combinations mankind uses:
    transformations failure
    Fuel-kinetic Uses up fuel
    hydro-elec-kinetic Not a closed system
    solor-elec-kinetic Not a closed system
    wind-elec-kinetic Not a closed system
    neuclear-elec-kinetic Not a closed system

    However there is hope for mankind yet. all you have to do is listen to me


    Where do we get the work from you might ask. the work comes from the
    "kinetic to elec" transformation where it is effortlessly drawn from the
    system via electromagnetic induction. Elec can be used for the work in most
    cases. However the added appliance is inducted to the system remaining a
    closed system.

    I invented a device that's sole pourpose was to transfom energy
    I initially pondered how we could move a perminant magnet flux field through
    a induction coil infinite. It took nearly 20 years but i have perfected the
    method of doing it. Creating the closed system that man has only dreamed
    about till now.

    It is simply a rotary transformer.

    Thermodynamics and overcoming general consensus that there is no way to win
    the game.

    If were concidering it a game it is important that we know the rules/laws of
    the game. all the rules are referring to a "closed system" To date mankind
    hasn't created a closed system. So were not even in the game. We can't even
    begin to play we make one transformation and greedily use the energy for the
    work. However the game punishes us via heat. "end game".

    However man hasn't met the qualifiers of the second law of thermodynamics.
    Most often the first and second laws of thermodynamics are discussed however
    there is 2 more laws related to thermodynamics. that we can't even begin to
    explore as we aren't even in the game at this point.

    Third law of thermodynamics
    For changes involving only perfect crystalline solids at absolute zero, the
    change of the total entropy is zero.

    Zero or rather the result = 0. Is true unity. which mankind hasn't achieved

    However it is possible via kinetic energy in a closed system bieng a
    providing the right form is used and that form is the ring. If I'm correct a
    rare earth magnet is a crystalline solid. That's what the core is made of in
    my rotary transformer.

    Zeroth law of thermodynamics
    If two bodies are each in thermal equilibrium with a third body, then all
    three bodies are in thermal equilibrium with each other.

    Many things come in 3's. My transformer has 3 functional transformations via
    3 main componants. The first (drive) componant is the only componant that
    will produce heat on initial startup till the core gets up to speed than it
    will reach an equilibrium rotating the core, and will require very little
    energy to maintain it's rotation achieving the thermal equilibrium once at
    operating rotation. the third body is the induction and last transformation.

    Theory or not it is an observation i have made through conception, research
    and developement of the next generation transformer.

    This device is the device that is going to get mankind in the game and solve
    the energy crisis. It is the renewable energy that has been so elusive till

    However I need help in developing this highly innovative technology.

    I have an highly innovative invention that I would be willing to give
    research rights to any US research facility excluding alaska, hawaii,
    (unless your paying for the flight there and housing and transportation once
    I get there) that would be willing to dedicate $100,000 and a years worth
    of research and developement at their facilities. I didn't say give *me*
    $100,000 the money would be for the componants and controlled by the
    research facility. I'm not concerned with money at this point, but I am
    concerned that this innovative technology gets some real research time at
    proper research facilities. My wealth is going to come once the technology
    is released as I'm not giving up rights and royalties of the device. However
    I would be willing to share the profits with that US research facility that
    steps up and is willing to take a chance.

    The first form of research would be to create a computer model of the
    functionality of the device. to confirm that it will work before proceding
    to the manufacturing of the device. I'm not capable of inputing the required
    peramiters for the software so I do need to confer with qualified
    professionals on the specifics of the device.

  2. Gymn Bob

    Gymn Bob Guest

    You type all that in to tell us about perpetual motion?

    When does the work output come into the formula or do we just look at it and
  3. ring_theory

    ring_theory Guest

    You don't read for content.
    Electromagnetic induction.
  4. Gymn Bob

    Gymn Bob Guest

    LOL. I don't care what methoid you have. It's still perpetual motion.
  5. ring_theory

    ring_theory Guest

    I like to refer to it as near perpetual motion. However perpetual motion is
    believed to not be possible. as is free-energy, overunity, and anti gravity.

  6. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    Thanks, but we already have a group crackpot. Should the position become
    available, we will contact you.
  7. ring_theory

    ring_theory Guest

  8. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

  9. Gym Bob

    Gym Bob Guest

    Without even reading the complete description I know you are missing one of
    the basic facts of physics. "Energy can neither be created or destroyed"
    Perpetual motion does not work no matter how hard you try to confuse
    yourself with the math and device complications.

    Best of luck.

  10. ring_theory

    ring_theory Guest

    No.. You should have read the description. What part of transforming energy
    from one form to another cyclic, creates or destroys energy?

    As far as perpetual motion I'd say that whomever declared perpetual motion
    is not possible, Is wrong. I don't care if they are highly regarded in their
    field and their laws have stood the test of time. The world was concidered
    to be flat at one point. errors have been made and will continue to be made.
    It's just the nature of man.

    However conservation laws in a isolated system predicts that energy,charge,
    and mass will be conserved. so conservation is allowing for perpetual
    properties to exist as it can't be destroyed so it must be also perpetual in

  11. ring_theory

    ring_theory Guest

  12. Vaughn

    Vaughn Guest

    There are multiple problems in those four words, but your greatest sin is
    using the possesive "your" when you really meant "you are".

  13. Steve Rush

    Steve Rush Guest

    If I use induction to draw some power from a system, this places a LOAD on
    that system. The energy I remove has to come from somewhere. So far, all
    I've seen from you is a variation of the old "drive a generator with a
    motor that you use to drive the generator" nonsense.
  14. you really mean to be posting this in


  15. Hey! I thought that was a viable idea... when I was
    about twelve years old...
  16. Dave Hinz

    Dave Hinz Guest

    Like I said. We don't need another crackpot. This group is about workable
    solutions, not bullshit dreams and hand-waving.
  17. Gìmmìe Bob

    Gìmmìe Bob Guest

    Do you habe anything constructive to add or just act like a child again?
  18. Gìmmìe Bob

    Gìmmìe Bob Guest

    Been out in the sun too long...LOL

  19. Gìmmìe Bob

    Gìmmìe Bob Guest

    Once again only insults from the self-proclaimed experts. The ones that
    couldn't explain a piece of paper if they had to.

    I wonder how you people stay in business. Ohhhh. they really never
  20. Windsun

    Windsun Guest

    Well, actually hundreds of thousands of scientists have said that. So do I
    believe people like Einstein, or you?
    And that old "earth is flat" canard has been used millions of times by fools
    to justify crackpot theories. Actually, it was common knowledge in ancient
    Greece around 800BC that the earth was curved. And BTW, you spelled
    "considered" wrong.
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