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Transformers the movie: "Did you hear that ? " =D

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Jul 1, 2007.

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    The general(?) says:

    "The base in blabla was attacked and the only real lead we have is this

    He kinda looks funny when pointing towards it... like he doesn't believe
    anybody can figure anything out from it...

    But then the hot chick (which kinda looks like my sister ?!) says:

    "Did you hear that ?!"


    "It sounds like they hacking the network"....


    Reminds me of my computer chip making sound... as posted in the past on
    usenet ! ;)

    That sound is still on my web drive... maybe it inspired their blackout
    blast sound... kinda sounds like it doesn't it ? the drive woesh woesh woesh

    She is a hot "computer data analysist" ! Totally digging it ! =D


    It's in a movie now... THAT MEANS IT S TOTALLY COOOOOOOOLLL.

  2. JAD

    JAD Guest

    absolutely nothing to do with any of the crossposted groups STFU
  3. Does too.

    Built me a nice soundalizer.

    So I can listen to my computer chips and diagnose them toooo =D

    And ofcourse we computer-lovers wanna see a good movie too =D LOL.

  4. I just saw a downloaded copy of the movie.

    I think the movie is pretty crappy.

    1. Way too much music.

    2. Way too much screaming.

    3. Way too much hysteria.

    4. Bad sound effects.

    5. Boring robots.

    6. Kinda lame story.

    7. No surprises if you seen all the clips on the internet.

    8. Transformers the game had actually a much better and cooler ending.

    And finally even transformers the cartoon movie from the 80's is a way
    better movie than this movie ! ;)

    I wish they stayed true to generation 1 models and themes and such.

    I also wish "they" continued converting the japanese seasons 5,6,7,8,etc to
    english with the good sound effects 10 years ago ;) :)

    I rather see a new cartoon movie with the return of unicron or so... or
    something else than this crap :)

    Oh well at least it had a hot girl in it, and a kinda funny guy and the
    original voice of optimuse prime.

    And the little metalic robot action scenes where kinda cool.

    I don't care so much about the explosions... bleh.

    I rather see good exciting story...

    The movie did have it's moments though... where I was sitting on the edge of
    my seat to see how the story developed especially when the autobots first
    appeared and started talking... that was nice :)

    Maybe the bad sound quality kinda ruined the experience but I don't think

    I was thinking about asking a girl to go with me to this movie... now I am
    glad I didn't... because she would definetly have hated it LOL.

    At least I think so ;)

  5. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    Maybe you need to meet some different types of girls? :)
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