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transformer ratings ??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by nitro2, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. nitro2

    nitro2 Guest

    Hello group,

    I have got an transformer which is "gone" but without a output rating
    printed on.

    It is ;



    It is a shielded taiwan or korean transformer in the typical yellow-ish
    color with a glued-on mu-shield input is 230V ac , but output ?????????

    Can anyone tell me what it should do ( v and amp )


  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    I don't mean to be negative, but how on earth do you expect any of us to
    venture an opinion on this ? You don't even say what the transformer is
    fitted to. It could be anything from a dental x-ray machine to a transistor
    radio ...

    If it is in a piece of commercially produced equipment, then the chances are
    that it is a custom model specced by the company that built the equipment,
    in which case, it should only be replaced with an original spec transformer,
    as generally, this is a "designated safety component" , and if you replace
    it with a substitute, you are leaving yourself wide open to some serious
    trouble if it fails down the line and causes a house fire or whatever.

  3. nitro2

    nitro2 Guest

    arfa ,

    Thanks for your answer.

    If any info would be available , i think it was not needed for me to call
    in the help of a newsgroup.

  4. Guest

    No, as you provide no relevant info at all.

  5. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    In order to call in the help of a newsgroup, you need to supply some basic
    information. In view of your ridiculous request for help based on the
    information you did give, I tried to be polite to you. Had others on here
    got there first, you would likely have had your nose put out of joint far
    worse than you perceive that you have had by my reply. Do not try to put it
    back on me or the group.

    And don't top post.

  6. lsmartino

    lsmartino Guest

    nitro2 ha escrito:
    Yeah, you are right, because all the readers of this newsgroup have
    crystal balls specially designed to answer any question posted by any
    clueless person. On that context, asking you a little bit of info is
    absolutely a sacrilegy, and as such it goes against the rules of this

    Problem is that we don´t have cristal balls, nor we can find brand new
    brand, model and type of equipment where such transformer is used, and
    the number of taps that transformer has in its secondary, NO ONE will
    be able to help you. If you are unable to provide such basic
    information THEN you aren´t qualified enough, or smart enough, to
    repair the equipment you are trying to fix.
  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Not without a crystal ball, there's no way at all to know from the info
    you gave.

    What is the transformer used in? That will provide clues as to what
    ratings are required.
  8. hmm, is this in a switching power supply as it sounds to me it is the
    switchmode transformer and you don't just buy them off the shelf. If it's
    not an expensive piece of equipment, best to replace the whole supply.
  9. Why do you think it's "gone"?

    If this is a switchmode power supply transformer, some of the windings
    will read very cloes to 0 ohms and that's normal.

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