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Transformer, Power, Special, Isolation, How will it work?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Stanley Dornfeld, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. Hi Gang..

    I want to power a rotating load. The load has many components. The input
    voltage is 220AC. The eventual load will be 5, 12,and 20 volts DC for
    computer type components. One rotation takes about two minutes. So! Here
    is my idea.

    For sake of discussion, the concept is:

    An inside winding, which goes to the load and will rotate with the system,
    might look like a cylindrical winding around a paper roll. The outside
    winding will be fixed, and not rotate. It will also be cylindrical and fit
    closely over the inside winding. An iron core may be used for efficiency.

    The reason I'm looking at this is I want to get away from Slip Rings. The
    transformer won't give off sparks and the interference associated with them.

    Am I way off the cliff here, or does this concept make any sense?

    Thank you for any suggestions.

    Best regards,

  2. The paper roll thingy is just for a visual idea. I know it will have to be
    much huskier to work. *G


  3. Kevin R

    Kevin R Guest

    In principle, it will work, it is how signals are transferred from roating heads in a
    video recorder.
    However, I suspect that it may not be terribly efficient.
    Losses in the transformer will be turned in to heat which you will have to get rid
    of somehow and I am thinking that there will be quite a lot of loss.

    How about a laptop plugged in to an LCD monitor and power the whole thing of a
    car battery running through an inverter. Stick the whole gubbins on the turntable
    and just recharge the car battery over night.
  4. Hi Kevin..

    Thanks for your reply. You actually validated my thought. That will give
    me some added strength to push forward some more. *Smile

    Your suggestion is appreciated. In use though the battery would run dry
    before it was time.

    Good idea other wise.

    Best regards,


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